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  1. Interesting theory about the taller face height making a low strike a bit easier to make. My miss is low on the face. Maybe I will try the Stealth + first this year over the regular Stealth and see how it goes. I did hit it at the store with good results, maybe a bit too low spin, but that was with the Kaili and not my Ventus Red and it was an 8* head which I wouldn't need.
  2. For the fli hi I got the Tensei White 90tx. Have had that shaft in a bunch of hybrids and was fit for it once many moons ago. It is no upcharge from Mizuno. I don't have a 4 iron. I am low launch and low spin so a lot of 4 irons don't launch and stay in the air enough for me. I hit 5 iron about 190 and my G425 hybrid goes 205-210, but can get up to 220 on a hard draw. Realistically, the 3 Fli HI will be mostly just a tee club for when its dry and baked out. I don't like hitting hybrids off the tee.
  3. I had/have both. Same shaft. I feel like the difference is the head shape. The 410 seemed shallower and the crown seemed flatter. The 425 seems a bit more bulbous with a rounded crown, so it seems bigger. Other than that, they are both super easy to hit. I really liked the feel of the 410, very satisfying metallic. The 425 feels maybe a little more hollow pitched as if the face feels a bit thinner if that makes sense. No real difference in performance, maybe I feel like the "spinsistency" on the 425 is a real thing. I hit all kinds of crappy shots at the range that seem to end up carrying to the exact same spot.
  4. Lol, I have both a black Fli HI in 19 and a G425 in 19 on order. Must have similar taste in clubs. I plan to keep both and just flip between them based on time of year and course. I already have the PING 425 22* hybrid. Thing is incredibly easy to hit. Not as precise as an iron, but way way more forgiving and easy to launch. I like the idea of having a club that goes high and a club that goes low in that spot in the bag.
  5. I am guessing/hoping for 16-18 more sleeps until I can get a reasonably priced head only on the BST.
  6. My SIM2 Max 3HL is tour issue, 57* lie angle. Thing is money. LOVE Taylormade fairways and rescues, but they are just WAY too upright for me in stock form.
  7. Modus 115 would probably be a pretty safe pick as well I would guess.
  8. I would go LZ 6.0, shaft fits a large swath of the bell curve. Not too heavy, not too light, not too stiff, not too active.
  9. Some of the youtube reviews are reporting that there is a bit of sound/feel difference between the Stealth+ and Stealth drivers. If anyone gets to hit them side by side outdoors, it would be great to hear some feedback. For reference, I thought OG Sim was good not great for feel and sound but absolutely love the sound feel on the Sim2 line.
  10. I switched to 45.75" and gained a lot and lost pretty much zero consistency, actually probably more consistent. Ventus could have something to do with it since it is marketed as a shaft that helps you find the center of the face more often... If the Stealth heads give me even more consistency with this Ventus Red I have, sign me up.
  11. I will add that if you are custom ordering from Taylormade's website, they are actually the best at listing date information letting you know what components are in stock and what components are on back order and estimated dates when they would get those in. They are all estimates, though, in this current supply chain environment and have read stories on here of those dates changing at times.
  12. I would caution you from ordering a special grip. Grip shortages on certain grips due to supply chain issues have been one of the most annoying delays for custom orders. Better to just get whatever they say they have in stock and get it regripped at a shop later. There are countless stories on here of people in the past year waiting months on a custom club and when they call customer service they find out it was the grip that was holding things up.
  13. I hit the Stealth+ today with Kaili 60x. Pretty impressed. Sound and feel is a bit addicting. I was super impressed with the Kaili for a stock shaft. I think most folks preordering with that shaft, or thinking about it, will be pretty happy. I would be happy with that shaft for sure. I was spinning it pretty low at 1800-1900 so I think for me the regular Stealth will probably be better, but they didn't have one to hit. I carried a few at 275 which is pretty maxed out for me, but a lot of the mishits were carrying ~250. Looks great in person. I buy new drivers all the time and am not the type "I only change if the numbers are better" so take it with a grain of salt, but I will be getting one of these heads for sure. Just a matter of waiting for a 'head only' sale or order an entire club.
  14. I think the recipe and evolution of the G series driver has peaked (turbulators, high MOI, heavy head). Other than improved adjustability, not much has been added over G400. Their drivers work, but are starting to be a little boring. No reason to change what works, I suppose, but their driver recipe could use a revamp/refresh. Its just getting a little stale, IMO.
  15. Rh 3 iron. Stock length. Lie: 2 deg flat grip: std align mcc Tensei white 90x shaft. Note that this is the no upcharge Titleist version of the Tensei white and not the TX aftermarket version. ordered direct from Titleist. Played 9 holes and hit at the range off of plush mats a couple of sessions. Was only hit off of grass one shot. $230 shipped
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