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  1. I currently have the D+ limited 70x in my g410 plus, I have also played the Tensei Pro White 60tx in the g410 plus and I have the DF60x in my Epic Triple Diamond. I think the general feedback here is fairly accurate. I'm a smooth 110-112mph driver speed and harder swings hit 115-116mph, fastest I recorded on GCQuad swinging off my shoes was 121mph. With the G410 plus 9 degree, turn down to 8 degree, I hit the D+ limited the most consistent and the longest. The Tensei Pro White was smoother and easier to hit but was a lil shorter and dispersion wasnt as tight. The DF60x
  2. I did not get a new Ping G400 driver but I did went to buy a Speeder Evo 661X shaft! The whole testing session, i found the Speeder Evo shaft to be most interesting and very underated, its cheaper than my Tensei Pros and Kuro Kages XT/XM, should have gave them a go earlier.
  3. I went in with the wrong assumption that I needed low low spin, and more forgiveness, hence I set my mind on just trying the LST and the MAX. But after some thoughts, the Tensei Pro Orange with the regular G400 could have been a good combo to have, given that I don't need low spin but actually more spin.
  4. I should have, but I didn't because by the time we were done with 8-12 balls for each shaft and head combo at various loft, it was 1.5 hours and I was getting tired hitting so many drives.
  5. Been a long time since i posted, but just went for a PING fitting and thought I'd share. I was all set to fork out the $$$ for a G400 Max after seeing Tony Finau and Cameron Champ bag it, and the thought..... a driver that's forgiving with relatively low spin, you just couldn't go too wrong, so I booked a Ping Fitting Session at OCC Singapore Ping Fitting Centre, you pay $85 for it, and if you purchase a new Ping driver the $85 is waived, as usual. Current Gamer: Ping G LS Tec - 9 degree, neutral setting. Tensei Pro Orange 60 TX - 45.00 inch 2 strips of lead tape under the weight port to
  6. it's for sale, so i dont think they spend money designing a driver head just for clients to test shafts. And pretty decent head, so no reason not to sell them.
  7. I hit the conforming version of the driver, there's 2 version. I was also told produced in the same plant as PXG's latest batch of drivers.
  8. Hi guys, Yes Tour AD has a new driver head, yes, not a shaft but a driver head! Walked into my clubfitter and just got my M1 a new Diamana BF and my M2s (15 & 18) new Tour AD MJs, hitting them on flightscope at the bay, got tired and went to take a seat. So up came this young girl and she started hitting her driver and from what I saw she was hitting hard draws and hooks on the screen. So I gave her a suggestion to try and visualise/hit a slice and maybe that might help cure your hooks, and she tried and still hooked. She turned around and say, can you show me how to hit it then? I w
  9. Why shaft change? Ermmmm lets see... It's fun and as a real golfwrx club ho I just like to experiment with new shafts, and if a new shaft also helps it launch easier off the deck why not? :)
  10. Just got a M2 15 degree with a tenseI blue in it, very curious to know who's gona be longer. That being said my m2 18 degree with Fubuki AXF 65 x flex at 42 inches has been very very impressive. On trackman with Callaway chrome balls I'm carrying it 216 meters and total 221 meters, heck that's not too far from my EX9 carry but EX9 is longer total because of the run. Only problem I find with m2 fairways is they launch so high!
  11. Hey no prob happy to share. It's been fun and very interesting shaft trial process. If cost is not an issue I really think graphite in irons are the way forward, especially for working guys like me who can't practice and play as much but want to get the most out of our irons. The lighter shafts makes me swinging smoother n the better rhythm in turn makes me more accurate/less wild, yet the kick and compression gives you similar or better distance. Every golfer is different but that my 2 cents.
  12. Hi guys, I reckon this would be something quite a number fellow Golfwrx members would be keen to know because graphite irons shafts are not as common as steel shafts in irons that most of our buddies or friends would have that we can try. So let me try and share my experience with these 4 shafts I've played. Rather than breaking them down into Feel, Distance, Trackman numbers, I am just gonna give my personal experience with these 4 shafts. I'm a 4 handicaper and my driver speed on Trackman as of this week range, low - 106 to high - 113. I've played golf long enough that I can adjust th
  13. If I am not wrong he was clocked at 130mph driver speed in one of the Asian Tour event. Hello Brooks, Bubba and Gary Woodland =)
  14. I'm actually thinking of ordering a 5 wood n see if it can be easier to launch with a lil more loft off the deck, but still going the distance.....but it's gonna be hard to kick the oldie R7 TP 17.5 out of the bag.
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