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  1. Taylormade MyRoundPro does strokes gained. Click the button on your phone when you are at your ball and just enter the club used. Entering putts is a little finicky, but you get used to it after a while. Best part is the app is free, so its a great way to test out if the strokes gained methodology is good for you. It has benchmarks for every handicap level. There are better apps out there, but this is pretty good for free.
  2. Bought one two year ago and it does the job fine. Would recommend to anyone.
  3. Just goes to show you that there different ways to win. Bryson has the power game and Cantlay was putting off the charts. Happy to see Cantlay win. He's had some tough breaks in the past that I was unaware of until the commentators mentioned it. Will always vote for the underdog.
  4. Another little bug that I found is that the app can't seem to do math. Hit the driver really well today and the stats told me that my average driving distance was 297 yards. I wish. When I manually calculated the average driver distance for the 11 times I hit driver, it came out to 280 yards. Also, even though I hit a number of 'recovery' shots where I punched an 8 iron out from under some trees, it still included them in my average distance for that club, despite labelling them at 'recovery' shots and them not being full shots. I guess it would eventually move my average down a slight bit over a long time, but they really shouldn't be included in those kinds of calculations.
  5. Now I know why you need something like Arccos to 'automatically' track all your shots. Shooting your normal 120+ would be really tiring if you had to enter all those shots manually. Very clear now why you need such a solution.
  6. How so? I just stated that Arcoss is more expensive than many solutions and, in my opinion, not worth it. Shot scope is cheaper over the life of the product and My RoundPro is really good for free. Each has tradeoffs, like wearing a watch or touching your phone. Take your pick what suits you. The thread is all about why someone is returning the Arccos product and the shortcomings of the system, of which are many. You too enjoy your expensive, semi automated, approach to golf stats. BTW, my 3.5 hr rounds don't seem to bother anyone.
  7. I play lots of golf and I've been using MyRoundPro lately (which is free) and it gives me all the stats that I want to know, including strokes gained. Nothing beats that for value. The fact that I have to, god forbid, touch the screen to enter my shot is nothing for me and doesn't distract from my game. Some people seem can't seem to focus on their game and require the 'automation' of Arccos and Shotscope solutions, even though they are not that automated if you make the necessary corrections to get accurate stats. Illogical to me that someone would pay that much for that.
  8. What's the cost of Arccos for 3-4 years of use? Shot Scope has no subscription fees, so after initial purchase, you're done. So keep dreaming that Arccos is cheaper.
  9. The whole Arcoss thing is a money grab and suckers keep signing up for it. Fools and their money are soon parted, or so the saying goes.
  10. Sure it does. This guy is in for over $500 in hardware. Not only do you have to correct it lots for putts and short shots due to the inaccuracies of GPS, many people had issues with missed shots and that's why they needed the LINK. which was another money grab. Many other apps out there for far cheaper with t the same information. Shot Scope for $200-250 all in with no subscription is just as good if not better. MyRoundPro is free and gives all the same shots gained info.
  11. Plus the cost of hardware, which can run another couple hundred. And all for a solution that needs constant correction. That's the real delusional part.
  12. I did not play with a caddie, but was lucky enough to play with some locals that knew their way around both courses. Cost of a caddie is something like $45+tip for a class B and $60+tip for a class A. People's experiences vary greatly with them. Some really thought they helped and others thought they were useless. It really depends on who you get. If you really want one, I would scan though forum posts and trip advisor and maybe you can request a specific one that gets good reviews. There are only a few times on the Cliffs were you have a blind shot and need to know the line, but the rest of the course is right there in front of you.
  13. Not a member. As mentioned in my original post, I was only there for with my son for one of his junior tournaments, but I didn't get to play it myself. Just walk and take some pics.
  14. Not sure if your post is a question or a reaction. If its a question, pacing off putts measures the approximately distance of the putt so that I can enter into my stats. 1 pace = roughly 3 ft,,so if I am 7 paces from the hole, that's roughly a 21 foot putt. The other benefit of pacing off the putt is that I get to feel the green under my feet. Helps me confirm the visual read of the green. And BTW, I am fast player and none of this slows anything down in the least. If its a reaction, then I can also use that same meme to describe how I feel about Arccos and its exorbitant costs. Complete rip off IMO.
  15. Its private, so you'll have to find a member to take you.
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