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  1. All prices include shipping east of the Mississippi, add $10 out west. Speeder 661 Evolution TS X-flex - Ping tip - SOLD
  2. A few shafts for sale. Not interested in trades at the moment. Oban Tour Limited 60 05 flex. Taylormade tip. 43.5 inches grip to tip. Used but still in solid condition. **SOLD** Paderson Kinetixx IMRT Limited Edition X flex. One of the coolest looking shafts I've ever seen. Taylormade tip. 44 inches. **$100 obo** Set of DG S300 pulls, 4-P. 4 iron just over 37 inches, length in pictures. Pulled once. **$55 obo**
  3. > @zonacats23 said: > Wow, so i read this as, Nike being the largest athletic apparel company in the world, who also makes gear for these elements, just completely giving up. "You know what, were to lazy, lets just slap our logo on someone elses stuff." You can read it however you want, but to me an outerwear collaboration does not mean they are lazy and/or don't want to make their own product. Obviously nike has their own outerwear (which will still be worn by their athletes this week) but this is an opportunity to collaborate with a European brand (again) to create a specialty pro
  4. Anyone have more info on this Stone Island x Nike Golf collaboration? Jacket looked nice during Rory's press conference.
  5. > > > It’s not the model, it’s the clothes.... Nike knows they set the standard, but it seems they don’t understand golf culture anymore. > Golf culture is changing. The sport as a whole is changing. Golf is becoming more diverse and inclusive and as someone who loves the game and wants to share it with others, I'm very glad to see it. That being said, am I going to wear those pants? Definitely not. But if it'll spark someone else's interest in golf or make someone second guess the stereotypes, I'm all for it.
  6. 4-10 (P) set of Honma TW737V with KBS C-Taper X flex and Boyd Blade and Ferrule Co. ferrules. 4 iron measurement shown, clubs play roughly 1 inch longer than Taylormade P790 standard. Honma standard loft/lie. Excellent condition, I've played a maximum of 6 rounds with them. No shaft labels, lamkin crossline midsize grips. SOLD
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