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  1. The acoustics outside on my Newport 2 were fantastic. The impact sound was perfect for me. Clearly a different sound when the sweet spot was hit vs a slight miss. I suppose some would argue this is not desirable, but I found it pleasant and provided me with some good feedback. I've always wanted a Newport 2, but this one is my first. I'm enjoying it. I've played a Nike Method 001 for years. Good putter. My favorite was a Ping Anser3 from 1990. We made a lot of putts together. I suppose they are all similar putters, but the Newport "feel" and acoustics are distinct to me, but then aga
  2. Has anyone played Harbour Town in the last few days? Is the course in good shape right now? I alway enjoy the course. What tees are recommended for a 12 handicap? I usually play the white tees, but was considering playing the gold tees and the the course a little shorter. I always find playing at sea level the course play a little longer down here. Might be fun to see a few different angles and have a few shorter clubs into the par fours. I may end up mixing up some of the tees? Might be more fun. My home course plays too a 130 slope and I think HT is around 140 if memory serves corre
  3. ​Current USGA handicap... 11 What are your current irons and shafts (be specific)... Adams A4 Forged. DGSLR300 Were you fit for your current irons? If so, where / when?... Yes... sort of... Best irons I've ever played. State why you'd want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf... Why wouldn't I? I'm on GolfWRX! I love golf and I love trying and playing new golf clubs. I challenge TM to find me a better forged iron than what I'm playing. I certainly can't figure out why they come back to my bag? I challenge TM to make me a fan. Willing to try if picked.
  4. I want to it it farther. Can a driver face be gently sanded to increase spring effect and make it "non conforming " and gain some yardage? Real question and my garage engineering would like to experiment for fun.
  5. Mr. Parson's comments really turned me off of to his clubs. Kind of reminds me of a fat old guy wearing clothes too tight with a gold chain around his neck showing off chest hair while talking about how great he is. Just the image I get when I see all the bobbles on the club head. I could afford them if I REALLY wanted them, but I can't imagine a hunk of metal on a stick is that much better than my current shovel. His comments just don't make me want to show off his brand in MY bag. I suspect he will tire of this venture in due time as the market weeds him out.
  6. I put some melted lead and epoxy in my 716 AP2 five iron and it has worked great. If I had some hot melt, I would have used that. Very pleased. Wouldn't hesitate.
  7. Planning to be in the Detroit area to play golf in late August. I was invited to play a round at Oakland Hills and will be planning to try and get another round in somewhere else. Any recommendations appreciated. Never been there in the area before to play golf. Thanks.
  8. Anyone? I adjusted sw with tungsten powder and added some epoxy Rep lugged the hole and glued sticker back
  9. I've been messing around with my AP2s and decided to gently pull the sticker off the back o the iron. Behind it I found what appears to be a weight port. Anyone else come across this.
  10. Thanks for the help fellas. I was guessing around 1950. I'll try and post a few more pictures later when I get a few minutes. Interestingly, the irons swing weight at D4. Really feel heavy. They are a good bit shorter as well. The 3 iron is about the same length as my 5 iron. Just fantastic leather wrap grips. Shafts have a very thin shaft band "true temper" all it says.
  11. Any info on these? I think they are from 1950. Found the 9, 8, 6, 5, 4 and 3 iron. Excellent condition. Appear to have wrapped leather grips [/img]
  12. Wonder if you could make one of these things in the garage by heating up an old club shaft? Anybody tried. Suggestions?
  13. Didn't like the Apex CF16 at all. As I posted before, the sound quality was not up to what I expected after I tested and was fitted. I tried to like them, but after a few range sessions they were not for me. Callaway customer service not much help for me. They've been sold and I've moved to the AP2 716. Very disappointed with the new Apex offering.
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