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  1. RBF- OMG!! I both hate you and at the same time, want you to adopt me! Thanks for the overhead pic as the Gallery shots didn't give a clear overhead image. Even sweeter looking from that angle. Well done sir! If you need a tax write off and want to get rid of it, keep me in mind I do plan on taking my current gamer with me and maybe even the back up too. If anyone's interested I can put together a recap when I get back. Doubt they'll allow any pictures but I'm willing to share in case anyone else is interested.
  2. Sorry to hear of your troubles at Kapalua. Been there a few times and played the Plantation 3 times now. Last time was in late May and my son and I played mid day all by ourselves. Our major problem was the course conditions, specifically the greens. I knew they were punched about 3-4 weeks before we got there and we didn't expect tour caliber but what we got was pretty bad. Apparently, they had some disease ( a type of fairy ring ??) that went nuts and putting was really just a generic aim and take what you get. It was somewhat deflating as we really looked forward to playing it but, i
  3. Thanks guys for the input. Keep it coming. I'm really not in a position to be buying a $3,000 and up tour putter. I'd be interested in something custom built to my specs but not crazy priced. I have a couple I could sell to offset a purchase so might be able to get something :nyam: I've been looking at the Gallery offerings lately and I like the putters just not the prices. There was a flow neck x7m that was really interesting but I'm going to reserve any preconceived notions until after I have the fitting and get their recommendations. I know what my eye likes but if I can learn to a
  4. Well, I must have landed on the "Nice" list this year because Santa was very good to me this year. Or, my son was just tired of hearing me complain about missing so many putts last year because he and Santa teamed up to get me a Scotty Cameron Gallery Fitting at their facility in Encinitas CA. To say I'm a bit amped up is an understatement. I've played different versions of Scotty putters for years, (currently gaming a GOLO but have a Del Mar in the bullpen). Last year I was more inconsistent then ever on the greens and seemed to have the most trouble with speed and the major miss was a
  5. That looks like a couple putter covers, a small item (pin ?) and a bag to me....
  6. MrDuffer, on 27 December 2015 - 07:43 PM, said: I used my driver for a baseline then did up a DI 6S, GT 6S, and a DJ SR. Here's what I got when I got on the trackman: Ball Speed Launch Spin Smash Carry Total Club Speed Dyn loft DI 138.6 12.2 3596 1.44 218.4 236.4 96.1 14.8 GT 137.0 11.4 4629 1.41 206. 219.9 96.9 14.8 DJ 139.7 9.9 3343 1.46 217.8 240.4 95.6 12.3 But none were perfect and didn't beat my current setup; S+ 142.0 11.2 2900 1.47 227.5 251.9 96.8 13.2 How many balls did you hit with each set up, if you don't mind me asking? I thi
  7. First off, sorry about your issues, I can relate. I had a herniated disc (L4 - L5) about 10 -12 years ago. My fault, decided to move a fireplace hearth made of solid granite. Anyway, tremendous pain in the back and running down the leg curling up in my calf. Multiple Dr. appointments, traction, even got steroid shots directly into the effected area which helped for a short time. Finally saw another Dr who recommended surgery. Discectomy i guess. Never went through with it. I took a last ditch effort and went and saw a chiropractor. Strange for me, because I always made fun of them
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