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  1. As others have said, stay on that side of the Island and save yourself some travel time. Although Kapalua bay is nice in terms of view, after a while, it becomes all ocean view anyhoo.
  2. Unfortunately it is going to take a lot to grow the game now. When I took up the game during the Tiger Woods phenomenon, I could connect with Tiger on some level. Not from money, at that time still a minority, and he was raw and different. Now you have guys making multi millions of dollars as the sport has flourished from the Tiger Phenomenon to create a bigger divide from those interested in the game today. Now with the interest span of the younger generation, golf can be seen as something that takes a lot of time invested and money to play. I believe that golf is still growing in popularity
  3. I believe this hit home for me when we played a format of play in one of our group fun tournaments called the pink ball. The group plays the round in a best ball format but one player plays the pink ball for a specified hole. Well I found myself playing so well with this pink ball called the flying lady that it just made sense. You can probably play any ball and it would not make two cents to making you a better player. All in all. What hit home was that you find a ball no matter what price point that gets you from point A to point B. Only time you really should play expensive golf balls for y
  4. I agree with most that the pro shop does bear some responsibility. As I am a watcher of the people court with Judge Milian. She would say that the pro shop bears the burden of making the OP whole in this matter. So if they were out of the box and damaged, then you can make your case for a new set of clubs. If the clubs are used, then they would be given some value and an agreeable form of retribution should be made. Now if both parties can’t agree on the retribution, you take to small claims which I would not suggest. If I were the OP, see if they can buff out the mess and maybe regrip your cl
  5. Probably right. I rarely go to the range hence my game being stuck in the mid to high 70's and I play about 1 a week if I am lucky twice.
  6. No wonder I can resell my golf clubs on the BST real quick since I never see those spots develop on my irons.
  7. Im with you. Unless I am playing with some guys I know and riding a cart, I would much rather play 9 and actually work on my game. This to me beats beating balls on the range. Real life situations and practicing a shot.
  8. The damage to the clubs are consistent with not properly protecting the clubs during the lie adjustment. I would say the pro shop has some explaining to do as I dont think the person doing the work was not properly trained.
  9. Unless you get paid to play the game, you take it as a bad day of golf. I experienced the same thing a few days ago where I wanted to leave after 4 holes into our round. Same thing, good warm up on the range, bombed a drive down the middle of the first fairway and for some odd reason, started to pull everything off the tee. We play a tight tree lined golf course so I found myself for the next few holes, stuck behind a tree and having to save bogey and end up a few shots over par. We get frustrated because we know our potential and when we dont execute, our tempo gets thrown off or we begin to
  10. Welcome to the world we live in where it is all about me me me. I am okay with playing music but keep it to a volume where you can hear it when you are in your golf cart and not putting on the green 20 yards away.
  11. I played with a player like that who licked his golf ball. One time, I noticed that spray fertilizer on it and to my surprise he did it again but this time spit it out. Well he isnt around anymore. For some reason, they have him stand on end of the waters edge by the pier to help guide boats in during blinding storms.
  12. So true. I think they are very black and white with this one. They say 14 clubs and that is it. Not 14 plus an extra one outside your bag that you intend on giving to a buddy of yours who doesnt show up to grab it. They dont have time to ask everyone what their intent is.
  13. Unfortunately yes you can be assessed because you went to the tee with 15 clubs on you.
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