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  1. Thanks again to Golfwrx and Titliest for giving me the chance to test out their new offering. Backround. 43, 4 kids, mainly play once a week and if Im lucky sneak in an extra one. My Index is right at 2.1 but scores as of now have been between 73 and 77. I love to tinker and compare stuff for myself versus what I read on Golf digest top list as well as 3rd party testing. Good input by other players but I always believe golf balls are like drinking wine. You have to find one you will drink and enjoy regardless of price. Now on to the testing. So I wanted to conduct a test versus go
  2. hard to estimate based on missing info. You would need trackman to see how far out it would carry and total distance would be.
  3. Jordan is such a feel player and he has lost his way. I think he needs to get with Will Smith and find his way back.
  4. I remember when Starbucks released a gift card but it was metal and was preloaded with $400 dollars. I bought it thinking it was cool to have and that everybody would have the chance to get it. Preordered 2 weeks in advance. End story, it caught fire and I ended up selling the card for $1600 dollars. Crazy but there was a bidding war for it. To each there own. This bag is amazing and if there is a buyer who wants to stand out, this would be it. GLWS. As others have said, better priced then Ive seen.
  5. I am super proud of myself to have read through your entire post.
  6. Blue tees just means the course becomes longer and you will face more challenges, creeks to cross, bunkers etc. Based on your driving distance, like others have suggested, white tees would be your target tee box. Now if you want to make things more challenging for yourself then blue tee is another option. Depending on course length as well but take into consideration course rating too. Just because it is shorter does not mean it is easier. Play the tees that give you the best chance to enjoy the game and challenge your skill level.
  7. Thanks, yes circle back. That Kiyoshi is legit. The ACCRA shaft on the 5 wood is by far the most stable that I have found. Whoever owns the 5 wood will be happy. When you have stars in the line up, you give em the property introduction.
  8. Really nice things that can be a great addition to any players bag. No trades at this time and please PM me with any questions. I will include as much info as I am aware of. I will ship USPS priority mail. Paypal is [email protected] First up is a bomber of a driver. This G400 LST is a performer. 10 degrees but can be adjusted up and down depending on what you are looking for. This is paired up with The Kiyoshi Purple Shaft 65 gram X flex. The consistency and feel of this combination will have you licking your chops when you are on the tee box. A great combo that has a mid to hig
  9. That is one SIck looking bag. What type material is it?
  10. Grip for me stays pretty constant. As I go down the line towards my shorter irons, my grips get gradually fatter towards midsize just to quite my hands more. Other than that, I usually keep to the same for all of my shots.
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