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  1. Dont think you can sand it down and add your own polish or shine to make it go away. Maybe a scratch remover will help make it disappear but when water gets on it, it will start to show again. What I suggest is to purchase one at a local golf shop and switch out the heads. Tell em when you got home you noticed it when you got home. Yes it is wrong but I had a friend of a friend whos best friends uncle told him to do it. I would never think of doing something like that.
  2. Happiness is knowing your game is firing on all cylinders and you can shoot your handicap
  3. Casual golfer needs to take it easy on expectations most of the time. There are too many things that are involved in the game of golf that you can not just flip the switch and expect to shoot low numbers. That is the first problem of the casual golfer. Solution, lower expectations and really enjoy the game for what it is. Second thing is committing that much time to a round of golf. If you are a walker, good luck being able to have the energy to do anything else. I have four kids and believe me, my weekend golf has to be with a cart so I can muster the energy to finish the day with my kids. Th
  4. For some reason I always looked at playing 9 holes as a waste of time but I can see how it can fill a void.
  5. Gotta figure it out. The reason I say that is because a driving iron can only get you so much in distance. Have you tried lofting up with a driver. Driving irons are great but if you can hit a hybrid, try that out as well.
  6. Ive spoken to an inspiring mini tour player and to say it is a grind is true. No one to pay for entry fees and usually the purses are very small. For those lucky enough to be picked up by a sponsor are either already on their way already or know someone close enough to get it. Usually it is family or friends who back these players up and of course, they have some sort of day job to make ends meet. The cream of the cream usually is already on the bigger mini tours while those aspiring ride the gauntlet until they run out funds.
  7. Part of the game. Play it as it lies is what I was taught unless it is marked off by the course or by stakes and such. I played yesterday and had my sand bottle with me in the fairway all day. Rule of thumb, cover yours and two more. Leave it better for the players behind you. Some courses are better taken cared of but there are players who still do not even replace their own divots. Always takers and never add value to the course they play. We in the know have to teach this to those who do not. If we are looking for better lies when we play, why not just improve every lie
  8. I hate slow play so for me, there is no nice guy here. I say hey lets pick it up we are falling behind. Reason for me to be as straight forward about it is I hate waiting in my own group if my group is slow. It makes me play faster and rush everything on the account of a couple of slow players. Sometimes it is just a friendly reminder that does it. Other than that, I just store that in the dont play with this guy next time bank.
  9. Amt shafts 4-Pw sold!!! The wedge shafts are left if anyone is interested!!!! M2 Driving irons sold as well!!! Lets get the rest sold! Great stuff
  10. I play the 52/60 combo. That’s all you need. The versatile grind allows for opening the 52 to cover what a 56 degree would do all day. Takes the guess out of it with 3 wedges. Although you can also go 52/56 since 56 can go till about 62 with no issues as well. If you can grab the big foot, it is similar to the Alien wedge back in the day. If you miss with that, use your putter
  11. Wow pretty crazy how the seller acts as if nothing wrong happened. I’m curious to hear his reasoning for not making things right.
  12. I think follow is more like completing a swing more than anything. When I hear partial swings specially from golfers of my status, when I hear that term it is usually a full back swing with a half follow through or a deceleration and make it a partial wedge etc. That intern usually leads to keep the club face open in most times. My suggestion and one that was taught to me is that back swing dictates the distance you are trying to achieve but the swing still has to be completed with full intent to a balanced finish.
  13. Biggest mistake when players think partial wedges means partial swing. Partial wedges means partial back swing not partial follow through. Distance on back swing dictates distance. Follow through translates to solid shot. Follow through also dictates ball flight path whether high and low depending on what shot you are trying to pull off. We cant get the two mixed up. If you are looking to distance control, then look at the back swing. If you are looking for ball flight path, look at the follow through. Always remember to follow through with the swing whether taking it to hip level shoulder lev
  14. Ive have tried it and it does not translate to the rest of my bag with enough of a benefit. Works for Bryson but not for this amateur..
  15. You are correct. Interesting last round out I played with a gentleman who perceived to know the rules. Then he managed to take equidistant relief on the other side of hazard. He drew out this arc saying that same distance of relief on either side of hazard but not where the entry point was. Not sure to laugh since he seemed to be confident on his own ruling.
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