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  1. No trades please PM with questions Paypal [email protected] King Cobra Nova 40 putter. Brand new. Measures at 35”. Grab this today. $225 or best offer Next up is a King Cobra F9 21* hybrid. Comes with KBS 105X shaft. Great fill in after your 4 iron. Perfect fit for longer par 3’s and those par5’s. No headcover but will be protected. $120 or best offer Up next are a couple of Taylormade Hi Toe wedges. Still a lot of life left with these two. Upgraded KBS experience shafts. Grab them today SOLD!! Last is a Taylormade Mill grind chrome 50* gap wedge. Comes with Nippon Shaft. Plenty of life and spin in this wedge. SOLD!!! pin 12/3
  2. Nope. Courses on the Tour circuit are 7200 plus. Meaning they will have 225 second yards shots on most par 4’s and no chance at any Par 5’s.
  3. I agree with what others have said. Shipping rates to canada are no joke so I always price it out on the usps website. So easy for them to change their mind on that. Pretty crazy how the buyer is acting like nothing was agreed upon
  4. Figure out what yardage you are trying to cover than go from there. What is the gapping between your PW and you 56 and fill in with something in between. Lots of great options out there so it is a matter of getting the right mix.
  5. I’ve owned about 15 of these things. Could never get away from them since to me once they were tamed, they will deliver distance for sure. It is about getting the right combination with the loft and weight adjustments. I had the 10 degree JDM 430 version and lofted up. Just found it to launch at the right angle and when it landed, it ran that much more extra. Great driver and will probably end up getting another after I finish this comment.
  6. Any adjustment in length will affect the club. Like others have said, Lie angle might become slightly more upright and the swing weight will lighten. Really depends on your game. If you are just getting into the game, then you can probably survive until you want to put $ into something you really want. I’ve played half inch over length clubs before and did what you did with no real negative affects. Good luck. Looks like you will be trolling the classifieds real soon.
  7. No mistake, better price than can be seen on ebay. Actually asking for less than I paid for it.
  8. Two items for sale. No trades and Pm with any questions. Paypal is [email protected] Garman R10 purchased off here but quickly came to the reality that I’m swinging graphite shafts and so I should not worry about Angle of attack and smash factor. Unboxed to check content but never brought out to actually use it. The prior owner had it and used sparingly as well. Grab it now and get your numbers dialed in!!!! $750 Next up is a great putter that can pick up those much needed strokes. Great weighting and balanced with the strike lab technology. Measures in at 35” and has original putter cover. SOLD! pin 11/18
  9. Like others have said. The graphite is lighter so often times they are lengthened by half an inch to regain the weight needed for the desired swing weight
  10. Thanks buzzkill. Am I good to go? Just making sure
  11. I’m often confused on why sellers take crappy pictures. The one that gets me are the pictures of the clubs right after they played a round of golf with them. Still have grass stains, mud on the bottoms and so times the faces. The other ones where there are only a couple pictures and the ones the post are blurry. I guess some sellers don’t want to sell their clubs.
  12. I currently game them and like them. Just a heads up. From my experience they do just as far if not a little farther than the Prov v 1x’s. I tried the Snell MTb and am not a fan. They felt heavy to me. Couldn’t place it but feel was a no go. The heads up with the Vice Pro plus is that the ball cover does not hold up as well. As per my experience, I end up scuffing the cover up after about 3 rounds which for me is about the life of a ball anyways. I don’t lose too many. Price point wise, they are cheap enough not to care when you do. I told myself I can probably get away with playing Prov’s as I find many a lost balls in great condition and for the rounds of golf I play which is about 4 a month, prices for prov’s can be had. For me, the lime green sets my ball apart from everyone in my playing group including those who use yellow as their color. Up to you and your price point i guess. A couple of positives, Good price point, and good to great results but only caveat is the covers are thin in design and they don’t hold up for more than 4 rounds
  13. How do I request for it to be opened. Do i go to moderator and choose to unlock
  14. Looking for a TCB set with steelfiber 110 stiff or xstiff 4-Gap or 4-Pw or 3-Pw let me know. Looking for a reasonable priced set
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