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  1. It happens to those since alot of it still falls on luck. I know a player who is a 18+ handicap who has 5 hole in ones. Some players including myself until just recently have one or even none. So it can happen.
  2. Yup, most of the time, the reason is we peak at the hole and come in with the putter slightly slightly open. A good drill is to putt some 4 footers and close your eyes and listen for the ball to drop. It gets you to keep your head down and not look up until your stroke is complete.
  3. For me there is nothing wrong with looking good. Not sure what a tour player your buddy looks like. Does he have sponsors logos on the shirts he buys or is it more that he looks like a golfer. For me, I take pride in how I look. Not really sure I would be comfortable playing in basketball shorts or jeans even. And yes this is my perspective. To each their own. But I would rather take that versus someone who shoots a great game but looks shabby. Now, in all seriousness, if you are shooting par or better, you will at least be dressed in some form of golf attire polo shirt and some golf shorts or pants.
  4. This confuses me as I watched my buddy pull and place grips on with air. It amazes me each time. The first thing is making sure the grips are not stretched out when being pulled off the clubs. He uses a minimal amount of air to pop the grip, then he reduces the pressure and glides the grip off with ease. Not sure how your grips are spinning because the explanation is that the grip should still fit snug enough not to spin.
  5. For me, this is where the money is won or lost. You have to have a set swing for these type yardages.. For me 50 yards is my 64 degree wedge standard setup with hands to my ear on the back swing with complete follow through. 25 yards is my 64 with hands to shoulders and complete to follow through. 75 yards is my 56 one click open on the face with hands to the shoulders and complete follow through. I have stopped doing the clock drill but rather where the hands are. Best approach to practice this is on the golf course to rehearse it. But if you have a driving range with the buckets laid out at different yardages 100 yards and less, Find out exactly what club whether sand wedge or lob wedge and where your hands are in the swing.
  6. I would be thrilled if my wife played great golf. We would take trips and play. Thing about a partner who golf’s. You rarely have to explain how long it takes to play the game along with spesing some time at the 19th hole.
  7. Not looking for trades as the bag is set for now. Please Pm me with any questions. Will ship via fedex ground. Paypal is LLEWOL00[email protected] Taylormade P7MC 4-Pw. That is right folks. Step right up and grab your next set. This perfect combination with Nippon’s Tour 120 steel shafts in stiff flex. WOW!!! Finished off with Lamkin corded grips and you are ready to take on the golf course with the tools to get the job done. Standard lie, length and loft with the 5 iron measuring in at 38”Hotter than AMC or whatever crypto currency is in your portfolio. Well time to add this to your current golf portfolio. I don’t accept bitcoin so let’s go with $825 $775 Take down your friends on your next round, walk up to your golf shot with more confidence than you have ever had or give a gift to that special someone. Let’s go!!! pin 10/12
  8. Great seller and good stuff as always. I might have to start putting together a Taylormade bag again
  9. Pros can probably execute both shots. Depends on situations of course. Pin position, how greens are reacting. These guys make shots happen.
  10. I actually applaud Rickie for being relatable to the younger crowd and actually profited off it. No offense but not everyone will be in the top echelon in the game. But like many others have said, Rickie isnt a big A hole like a lot of other golfers end up becoming. Too many team this and team that. So for me, each victory for Rickie is icing on the cake. He has done enough and made enough. How much can be said about so many other "top caliber" players who get 1% of the attention and private company money that Rickie gets.
  11. It sounds like a great idea but there are courses already that I have played where rounds end up being 4 hours. There was no need by the golf course to punish themselves if it doesn’t happen. What I did remember at those course was a couple important things. First thing was at check in, it was already made known that the expectation is 4 hours for the round, there will be marshals on the golf course keeping the pace of play and slow playing groups will be warned once before they will have to pick up their ball and catch up to the group they are following. Second thing was having Marshals who actually did their job and didn’t just drive around not doing anything. There was a zero tolerance for slow play and rarely did I see it. I think slow play happens when golfers think they can play in 5 hours because that is how long they usually take. The course has to set the standard and expectations.
  12. Probably chopping it a half inch will get you down 3 points. I would suggest that and possibly putting a thicker grip on it as well to silence the hook.
  13. I catch this a lot with the guys I play with. The kicker is that they give each other 3 footers and next thing, I am having to hole out my putt. It is all good. My game is solid and would rather hole out every putt unless it is a "gimmie" putt. To each their own if that is how they measure their golf game to where they have to tee up every shot on the golf course.
  14. Wow so true. Most of the guys I play with I have been in front of their home to pick them up but never have been invited inside. So crazy how our only common connection is golf on a golf course. Pretty crazy. I think it has to do with the age differences since most of the guys I golf with are about 20 years older than I am. I think we do have that separation to keep our golf life separate from our real lives so we feel that there is an escape when we go golfing.
  15. Ive watched George's videos on youtube as well and I could not connect with it. I think the main thing is finding that right teacher or lesson that will elevate your game. I remember walking into a Goltec a while a go and they wanted me to buy a series of lessons that would rebuild my swing. No knock against golftec but it should say something to what you want out of your game.
  16. A lot of this is really based on your success on tour. Not everyone takes NetJets nor first either. We have also heard of tour player renting out RV's. I am betting a lot of these players provide their own travels and probably ship their clubs via Shipstix.
  17. For the Top Caliber guys, I am pretty sure that is about right. When you factor in NetJets and flying your crew to the tournament, Housing for them as well as prepped meals like others have said.
  18. I say either the Cobra LTD or the Ping 400Max are by far the best head still out their, If you go out about 5 years, I would say the Taylormade M2 was an awesome driver.
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