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  1. Hi - is the pinehurst bag waxed canvas?
  2. The quality of the v5 is absolute garbage. Mine is 3 months old and completely falling apart. Eye optics coming off, y/m button fell off, battery case container comes off often. Just awful.
  3. Was able to hit the hybrids today. They are great and ended up pre ordering a ts2 24 degree. They are being released next Friday and will be made after that. Looking forward to it!
  4. Am hoping it’s out soon as want to test before replacing my current 5 hybrid. Hope the feel is the same as the driver as that has been a beast.
  5. Thanks! How did you like them?
  6. Hi All, any word on the release date of the hybrids? Thanks!
  7. This putter has been money for me! Under 28 putts the last three rounds. Good luck with sale!
  8. Tourstriker Planemate - 125 shipped. Includes extra clip so can switch between clubs/bands easier.
  9. This bag looks awesome. Which one is it and is it all leather? Also do you mind sharing the weight of the bag? Thanks so much
  10. Curious as well on the stand 2.0 - especially the weight relative to stitch and others. The straps look interesting as well.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. I did like the shaft they have mainly due to elbow issues. Think will bite the bullet and will report back.
  12. We had a demo day the other day and tried the new XXIO X irons with graphite shafts. Wow, absolutely was blown away by the irons. Has anyone else tried them/gamed them?
  13. SL1 for me. Sl2 has single strap option as well.
  14. I also just have played my 10th round with the SL2. I walk 95% of the time. I used the heck out of my SL1 and it was still going strong after 300 plus rounds so gave it to my son. I have found the SL2 to be the best bag I have ever used. Great design, just enough storage, option of single or double strap, and still light. Thrilled with it and look forward to hundreds of rounds with it.
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