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  1. Those 905r’s!! Crazy thing is, I had a 9.5 with the graf blue, then changed it out for the speeder! The good ol days! GLWS.
  2. Which Rosemark model would you consider closest to the SS pistol gt 1.0? Been wanting to try out the rosemark brand, but the local shops here don’t have any. So I would be purchasing online.
  3. Hey gang, settled in to our new house & cleaned out the closets! Would love to sell the whole lot. All items are in excellent shape. 1. Greg Norman shorts. (32). Blue faded into white? New with tags. $25 2. UA pants. (34/34). Gray. These are new without tags. $25 3. Greg Norman shorts. (33). Two-tone, gray & white. New with tags. $25 4. Nike Tour performance pants. (34/32). Navy. These have been worn 2x. $old 5. FJ short sleeve rain jacket. (L). Navy. $20 6. Nike Tour Performance pants. (34/32). Black. Worn maybe 2-3x. $old 7. Sligo plaid pants.
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