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  1. Fade biased, Higher toe, straighter top line, 450cc. Also, it has the TC serial instead of the TA.
  2. Cally Epic Flash sub zero triple diamond head. 10.5°, in good shape. I noticed yesterday while playing, it has a touched up spot on the crown. About the size of a pen tip. I really haven’t noticed it up until now. With the right light I guess?? I will include a new tour strong & a used tour flat adaptors, but the flat adaptor will be pulled Friday (8/27), so prob won’t get to ship until Saturday at the earliest. Looking for $265 for all. PM w/ any questions or concerns. Would consider other driver trades. Thanks again.
  3. Possibly! Send a dm w/ what you have in mind. Thanks.
  4. A set of Sub70 699s I believe. Could be the pros, but I think the regulars.
  5. Aerotech Steelfiber i95 5-gw 0.370 iron shafts in reg flex. Asking $old shipped. These shafts & grips have 3 rounds on them. Grips are lamkin, but the he does have a different style. My father went in a different direction, after being fitted into these! LMK if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks again.
  6. Playing the 785s. Switched to them early last year, after a 14yr hiatus with Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pros. They feel incredible. Got fitted for them, so kinda knew what I was getting with them. I hope to have the same run with these irons. Have the DGTI X100s in them. For me, perfect combo.
  7. Club Champion - Louisville I feel like this shaft could put me in a position to make some moves with my handicap. Really my biggest area of concern. Would love to throw this shaft into my Oddy 7 c/s.
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