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  1. I am not even looking at other irons even after a few months of having the TCB (not my normal mo), they just check all the boxes and when I am good they are great. #4 above I agree with 100% and chalk it up to being fairly standard lofts, etc. The last round out I had not hit a ball in two weeks and found I was hitting them a lot higher and I mean a lot higher but the same distances more or less, no idea why but they had that flushed feeling so maybe I was just hitting them correctly for my swing. Playing in a couple of hrs so we will see what today brings.
  2. Just placed the order for the 54* says 6-8 weeks, oh well the heat is finally starting to let off and in 6-8 weeks we will be in prime golfing weather. Of course I fear the snow bird invasion is going to be especially bad this year but that is just part of living in Florida.
  3. Actually no, the guy with the air horn is just a tool. The guys waiting to beat up others are the issue. If I see I am outmatched and about to be beat by a group that clearly had a plan then yes it is defensible, as I said running away would be the 1st and most preferred option, but will I take a beating if I have other options no I will not. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about, the decision to take the weapon out is (by someone trained) is a life or death situation and never taken lightly. Not to mention the resting place of said discharge, a lot of factors come into play in a short amount of time.
  4. It doesn't say if they were young or older golfers, makes difference for sure imo. As a older, well just old person 6 guys in camo trying to throw a beatdown would be met with a very bad attitude. And the fact is running away is not really an option either, even though that is the smart thing to do. There is a joke in Florida that you always need to be aware of the old guy in the Hawaiian shirt, he is not just covering up his beer gut.
  5. Ha, the glock in the golf bag is not so crazy after all. You just never know when the violent idiots will attack.
  6. I live in Central Florida where in the summer it is like the surface of the sun but with high humidity, it is not uncommon to see folks with hoodies on and up in the middle of the day. They are either training for something or just stupid, hard to tell which.
  7. I am calling the 44 magnum a fail at 48" just too hard to get timed right and the misses are epic, put the sliding weight back in and it is like swinging a sledgehammer at E1, going to pop the grip off and cut off 1.5" and try it at 46.5" and see what happens. That should bring the SW down enough to make it playable with the weight in.
  8. The 58 is like cheating around the greens, the only thing I have had a slight problem with is it spinning so much. But that should work itself out with a few more rounds.
  9. 1st round for me with the 58 today and I think it is fantastic, drop and stop and easy to hit from most any lie. Tried several different shots (high floater, low spinner, off the toe from just off the green to run out) and they all came off better than expected. Darn near holed two of them and the others were kick in distance. It was so good the MD5 52 is in danger now of being replaced.
  10. 1st round was OK, hit it well for the most part but no significant gains to be seen. A couple that were pured went farther than normal but not earth shattering like I was dreaming about. It felt pretty light to me at D4 so I am going to put the sliding weight back in and try it again Sat. or Sun. Maybe with the extra length a higher SW would feel better, the shaft was surprisingly friendly feeling to me, just felt good. I could flight it just fine and it was not balloning even into the wind. tee it high and hit it high, tee it low and mid / low flight. Really pretty boring for 48" overall length.
  11. I hit up on it quite a bit, no recent numbers but tee it high and try to hit up anyway. With my old man swing / lunge at the ball I get varied results depending on how the Arthritis is any given day. No idea if it is balloning yet from 3 swings. tomorrow will tell me a lot more. Having it lofted down to 8.5 should help some with the spin, at least I hope so.
  12. 1st impression is real good, put the foot spray on the face and hit 3 balls cold and bare foot. The 1st one seemed to go way right, swung a bit harder and turned better and the next two were real good. Looked like a slight fade, center face contact and seemed to be very high and out there. I was hitting over a hedge 15 ft in front of me and trees across the street and cleared everything by lot. Surprisingly high to me, it will be interesting to see how the flight is on the 1st tee tomorrow.
  13. With a 50 gram Winn oversize grip it came out to E1 with the slider weight in it at 48", took out the sliding weight and got back down to D3-4 which is where it was with the 46" build fuji shaft. Not really sure how much the slider will matter flight wise, I had it all the way over in the toe and with the green dot adapter it seems to sit open quite bit at 8.5* Once the grip dries I am going to hit a few into the woods across the street and see how it feels and if it hooks off the planet. Then I will put the slider back in and see if I notice the much higher SW. Fun project
  14. FYI the guy on ebay I bought the X flex Adila 44 magnum also had the same shaft in Tour X, I started to try that one but figured X would be fine for me. Expecting at 48" it to play a bit softer anyway.
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