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  1. Golf is such a fickle game, got the clubs right where I want them. The Fuji shafts feel great but I cannot hit an Amazon warehouse roof from 100 yds with my current swing never mind a green from 150- 170. Managed to scramble out a 3rd place finish in my flight (9 guys I believe, me being the oldest), but it was ugly and for once my Putter actually helped me. Have a work trip for the next week so maybe a break from golf and get back after it and actually practice a few hours a week will bring things around.
  2. Playing in a Grint Tournament today with only one round with the shafts, might as well put them to a real test with a bit of pressure.
  3. That is what I saw also, with a solid swing it is going exactly where you are lined up. I fight a pull hook and would normally line up right on par 3's etc. Not so with the 115 fuji, aim where you want it to go and swing like you mean it..ha ha
  4. As was expected it was a learning round, but I did see enough positive results to be glad I made the change. I was babying the nippon 950 and these are much more stout, so a lazy swing will not work. Once I started to swing away with them I saw much better accuracy and no distance lose at all.
  5. Big thank you to @Peoples Golf for going the extra 5 miles and finding and shipping me these shafts in time for the Tournament this weekend. Will built all my Miura irons during the Miura phase and always did spot on work and in the best possible time. If I can ever find the magic swing again (without a lot of work ha) Will would be the guy building a set of Baby blades for me, if I had a man cave he would have already, so at least they would have a nice place to sit and be looked at.
  6. No TS 95 S in the 4 & 5 irons for giggles, if the PW and AW feel as good as I hope the 115 TS will be put into my 52 and 58 wedges. I am kind of OCD about the shaft brands matching in irons & wedges, generally a bit heavier and softer but I did tip the AW the same as the PW instead of the extra .50" as stated to see how that works and would do the rest the same or maybe even less tipping for the 58*
  7. I have been fit twice by CC for irons and once for a Putter, it helps to be upfront with the fitter that they would not make a sale on that day and work from there. But both times the fitting found upcharge shafts (OBAN CT 115 or Paderson 110 both times by different locations) and of course PURED would be best according to them. Even though I knew the Business Model going in it was a shock to see the out the door price. The Putter fitting was fantastic and they ended up adjusting my putter as the best fit so depending on the location and people that run it the experience is very nice an
  8. Shafts all installed, pretty amazing to me that no tip weights were needed to get D3-5 though the set. These were the easiest graphite shafts I have ever installed and I have tried a lot of them.
  9. Will Peoples worked his magic and the rest of the shafts are out for delivery today, might just get them tipped and installed tonight if they come pretty soon.
  10. So why can't we have fun trying different club/shafts just because they are out there, sure a mid capper is more likely than not to also be a mid capper but if all there was to golf was going to the range every day and beating balls until you fall over the state of Golf would be much worst imo. I know I am never going to be a + cap or even a 5 for that matter, but I enjoy building my own stuff and trying to find that perfect combination for my swing. Sure I would love to break Par one day, but those days are getting real hard to find (heck shooting high 70's is getting real hard to
  11. Of course there are no mountains, but there is some elevation change. More is some parts of the State than others, but week to week most of the Courses the pros play are fairly flat. I would bet a lot of them flatter than Copperhead. My legs are weak but do their job ha ha.
  12. As matter of fact I have traveled extensively, you being a smartWord not allowed does not change things. Maybe you should leave that cabin in the mountains and see some other places, maybe even see the Course in person before you mouth off.
  13. These folks seem a bit over the top, has any forum member ever seen one of these clubs? Or would you burst into flames for even talking about it. I personally do not have the income stream to even try to be a candidate and it fascinates me to no end to be fit to the level they claim and to be all American made is even better. The sad part is the scores would probably stay about the same anyway.
  14. Callaway is assembled Mexico unless you are Phil Mickelson
  15. I also use Fujikura pro 2.0 in all my woods. Love the feel and quality of Fuji shafts. Keep up the good work.
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