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  1. There’s a link that allows you to change your screen name. Maybe try “hdcpgolf?” GLWS seller! Good looking flatstick
  2. Mint only or minimal rounds Base weight starting at 255g 6 iron head +/- 4-P Thanks in advance and appreciate you being reasonable with offer pricing.
  3. Correct. But the perfect candidate to pull and install your favourite adapter!
  4. Nice catch. My guess is he ordered a 3 wood long so someone can tip it into a driver. @Jtbsox99 Feel free to add thoughts on the tipping
  5. I think you mean to say it’s for a TSI2/TSI3 driver because how that reads is a 3 wood shaft and then specs obviously don’t line up to support that.
  6. 4-P looking for 256 g +/- with a 6iron and matching heads I am willing to help with the additional shipping to Canada. mainly the following TCB 718 AP2 919 Tour Apex Pro Dot (not double)
  7. That may or may not be correct. Have a buddy who hits X7 higher than any DGTI profile and he’s a smooth 120, and no issues there. How the club performs is all based on how it affects dynamic loft, and is solely based on your personal swing characteristics and tendencies vs speed and ability to load.
  8. With this fire power, I’m sure that most would prefer to see the lengths of tip to grip instead of playing length, since everyone measures differently unfortunately.
  9. Couldn’t be a more subjective suggestion [email protected] Im in the same speed range, and absolutely hate 120X Modus because of how soft the middle feels in that shaft. 130X is a different animal altogether and designed for someone who lags or has a late release, but may be an option. I am not a believer in OEM design profiles and what they state they are. For example, I hit C Taper higher than Standard KBS, and TIX100 higher than S400. If your miss is a an aggressive transition leading to a hook, I have read that the TX is much more stable, but if you’
  10. And the asks for Double Super TX shafts and over length haha! He’s a great member though
  11. Does anyone know what the 7 iron heads weight in the light, standard, and heavy configuration?
  12. Man, I really don’t get the talk about KBS CT being hard on anything. I’m 41, relatively neutral -3-4 AOA and max out at 96mph 6 iron SS and play the 125’s in CT and $T HT, and have no issues. How on earth are people getting hurt or injured on swinging these? Does anyone not take care of their bodies or train outside of lifting your wallet from your carts to pay for the Coor’s Latte and hot dogs? Are all of you hitting off hard pan and -7 AOA or playing off root structures below surface levels? I get not liking the linear feel because 99% of people d
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