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  1. I ordered one with an off menu 105TX and it showed up in 7 days. This was a week ago
  2. Paul - 1” if they’re in the same weight profile
  3. Ventus Black 7x with 14.5* 425Max
  4. Brooks’ Notes 1. 185+ Successful Transactions, long-time member (check my reputation); 2. No tire kickers. If you are interested, expect to close off the transaction shortly after a price has been agreed upon or you state “I will take it.” I respond quickly, and often; 3. No trades; 4. Shipping fully tracked to North America, unless otherwise noted $old
  5. Looking for fresh pulls 4-P 0.5-1” over Grips don’t matter Must be willing to ship to Canada
  6. Jan 11 for my Hybrid and Jan 21 for my Max, and both with digital lofting and hotmelt only in my Max fairway. Neither of shown up yet or shipped. Located in Western Canada.
  7. go 1” on a 7s i went 1” on a 7x black and here’s my numbers from my first test on Sunday. no issues with 3 wood.
  8. Yes, but honestly you prefer no offset or even onset, so any, even minor offset bothers you.
  9. White accents make it look cheap? Ok - I will politely bow out, as I didn’t know that about white accents.
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