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  1. Hate to critique your analysis but outside of the one pull with the ZX7 they’re actually the best fit. Not too sure what you mean by “spins too low for your swing,” as your land angle is 50* for all 3, and you didn’t even weaken the ZX7 lofts 2* to match the T100’s.
  2. Nothing you can do. This is the norm now, even on ship dates I’ve had firm ETA from manufacturers (I’m in the Tech industry) and they have moved the week of or even day of shipping provided date.
  3. I don’t agree with several points here, mainly the point on turf interaction. I spent time hitting a friends 7MB yesterday and will say they went through the turf very firmly, almost like a knife but then it would glide through the turf, it didn’t feel effortless. Still had 4 birds but the leading edge is super sharp on them, and wasn’t overall a fan.
  4. Even at factory, there’s usually an indication of lies and lofts being adjusted. GLWS seller! Great looking sticks
  5. Easy answer. Add an 1” to built length 44” includes install of grip/adapter
  6. Mizuno plays 0.25” long in North America, as they measure grip off.
  7. I agree on the 223 but the 221 and 225 look like the perfect blending opportunity
  8. How did you get along with them? Anything major in terms of aesthetics compared to the 18’s or 20’s?
  9. Do you even lift, bruh? Don’t change if it doesn’t fit your eye or need to.
  10. I bet. Best I got to was +1.6 last season and it wasn’t my long irons that got me there, Jer LOL.
  11. Any history on $ or C Taper vs Modus 125’s? I played the CT the last number of years until giving a $ Taper a shot but was either feast or famine with the long irons. 7 iron to PW I liked.
  12. Thats a toss up for me exactly actually. I realized even as a 1-cap this season that 4-6 is where I have a 1/2 club miss here or there. I typically hit 12-14 greens a round but after looking at where I need the biggest improvement is from 190-230 range on long par 3’s and 2nd shots on par 5’s.
  13. Quigs, for sure you have seen them. Why 225 and not 223?
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