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  1. Or also get up sold unnecessarily too, or not being able to keep the shafts that come in irons since “they’re custom building them with different ones.” Both sides of the coin on “custom” my man…
  2. Except the TX that was on the Tour Catalogue that was removed here on Monday, right @Fujikura Golf?
  3. Man, a whole 3 weeks….these look good, don’t stress, not that long my man.
  4. interesting had a buddy of mine fit a a guy into this shaft, 7TX straight in at 126mph speed, but apparently he’s a smooth swinger of the club which is why they went untipped at that speed.
  5. Ha, that doesn’t do anything on here, but I always appreciate a mod stepping in to help move things along.
  6. I meant retail with a free Ventus!! hope you’re well
  7. Mike, let’s be honest. Only if you’re getting it with Ventus for the price of retail or less would you go there
  8. Sloppy to you…but I’m glad you work for Cobra Marketing to help address it…
  9. Fwiw - ordered 2 different sets this month with TIX100 and both showed up within 6 days.
  10. Well aware. 13 weeks T100 wait vs 1 week, easy decision to cancel the order and move on.
  11. FWIW - ordered a set of TCB last Monday, custom built and arrived yesterday. Buddy ordered a set on Tuesday and the ship out tomorrow, both with TV360 Grey Caps and TIX100
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