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  1. Disagree. Finding the right flex is key, even with the stock RDX.
  2. Any way to confirm if shafts have been soft stepped?
  3. If it sounds like Mavrik and has the performance of OG Epic then it’s a home run for them, regardless of looks. When you see it in hand you’ll definitely have a bit of a different opinion. TSI3 is the best looking driver of the year in stock, followed by the Matte Blue Rad Speed, but this and 2.0 will be easily gamed in their custom colours.
  4. Yes, you have said that in both forums. Glad you’re happy with your current equipment.
  5. Zones Notes 1. 185+ Successful Transactions, long-time member (check my recent reputation as well); 2. Don’t message me then go offline and then come back later, unless you let me know ahead of time; 3. No trades, unless otherwise noted; 4. Shipping fully tracked and insured to North America, unless otherwise noted Newport - Great Shape 34” 70 lie, 3 loft Custom Blue and White Paintfill Pingman OG Grip Brand New $OLD
  6. Sorry, how can a shaft be installed a couple degrees out?
  7. It’s because it’s the one that they can’t have in a classic purchase manner and is what Rahm and Xander have, nothing more nothing less.
  8. Yes, Max will remind a ton of folks of OGM2 sounds and feel.
  9. Damn! That’s quick. Mine were ordered exactly 4 weeks ago, haha so much for pre-order. Luckily I’m in no rush. I think from now on I’m going to just wait until launch day, since the last 3 pre-orders I placed with varying OEM’s showed up somehow after people were placing orders a few weeks later LOL
  10. I did not find 2.0 Standard super low by any means, just the potential seemed for a bit lower spin vs 2.0Max. The one thing I noticed is that my spin basically stayed in a 500rpm window with 2.0Max.
  11. Spent time with both heads today, I think people will be thoroughly impressed once they have them in hand. They look much better than the pictures, and is a very premium looking driver. Did not have time to compare to SIM1.0, but they feel a bit more firm (subjective) with a muted thwack vs a longer ringing or ting sensation. The Max will be the home run for TM people who have a very neutral delivery or want consistent spin, and the Standard is going to fit anyone who wants to cut spin but not in a super alarming way. Max launched super easy, but I can see guys needing to go up
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