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  1. Jer - that probably means the heads aren’t necessarily heavy if they swingweight at D3 at standard length
  2. They use a device called the UN gauge that starts the measurement from the center of the sole to the bottom of the grip cap. That is why stated specs with Mizuno are 1/4” longer as they measure from the bottom of the leading edge
  3. yes - I already stated that ordering 1/4” over equals 1/2” over compared to TM, Callaway and Titleist.
  4. You’re misinformed on that one PX 6.5 is 100% available. I think you have a lot going upstairs and a good refresh without any preconceived notions to another fitter is ideal. Take it one step further and don’t mention you have previously been fitted or even what you have been fitted to. The optimizer is great for narrowing down a top 4-5 shafts to try, and then your fitter if they’re solid will tweak slightly outside those recommendations if they need to. For example C Taper 120S comes up 4th for me after PX 6.5/LZ 6.5/DG 120 X100 but we actually tried C Taper
  5. Back to the thread please. Feel free to PM me if you’d like chat on why pros loft up when direction is an issue
  6. #timeforanewfitter Wasn’t giving you advice, just stating experience as it relates to loft and driver fittings. ....back to the amazing TSi thread!
  7. They haven’t seeded their NA and European players with it. They have only done a soft launch in Japan my friend.
  8. hey Dave raw blue and white non TX, Smoke RDX, Kuro Kage Black
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