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  1. Patiently waiting for my t100s to arrive. 2* weak to lower the offset
  2. same set up as me, how come it doesn't go as far lol
  3. I've suffered a mild case basically my whole life. Can get out of it for one or two rounds then creeps back in. In tournaments I don't even pick a line anymore, just feel and go. Aiming a ball or cup out just F's me even more. I drive the ball on a tour level but struggle the closer I get to the hole. Could be a 60 yard wedge or a 3 footer for par. I'll do the tough part of lagging a 50 footer to 3 feet then miss that one. If I was good at those I'd probably be a +3 lol. I think its all about keeping your eyes in OFF mode, just hard to do LOL. Shooting 2 over par with with no bird
  4. i think he probably still wants the tech benefits of the t100 and not a blade
  5. @tgoodspe1991did you end up getting the PW too? what shafts?
  6. Pretty much new spider x. No nicks or dings. Iomic grip. $260 shipped. headcover incl
  7. they really are money. i wish the PW was just slightly bigger/rounder though. just slightly. distance control is untouched
  8. 919T have the best distance control of any recent iron ive played
  9. I've played both the 18MMC and 919 tours. I hover around scratch and there is a big difference between the two. The MMCs would be great for you!
  10. MINT Mizuno MP18 MMC 4-PW. Built off 38in 5iron grip off length. Std weight heads. New GP Tour Velvet Midsize, 1 wrap. S400 Tour Issue shafts. Standard Loft/Lie. $450 shipped NEW Ping g410 14.5. Standard everything. Tensei Orange X flex. Ping undersize grip. Can install standard Tour Velvet if needed. $230 shipped
  11. cav5

    MP 20 MMC..wow!

    Just put the mp18 mmc in play with s400. Smallish head with some tech. Very nice
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