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  1. nice! im pumped. i didn't get a timeline but assuming 2 weeks as they were in stock. The MD5 RAW line is backordered until end of june. I went with Modus 125. Should match up with my MBs quite well.
  2. ordered mine today. 52 56 and 60. C grind only which is what i currently play plus a tad more bounce.
  3. I was able to order them thru my clubs rep. Went with Modus 125
  4. Yeah that sounds like a pain in the you know what. I like vokeys but every one I've had always felt so heavy compared to other OEMs i can only imagine adding some length. I have some SM7s and they feel like shovels compared to my MD4s for some reason.
  5. thanks for the response. yeah the only option I really see is SF i110s
  6. @NovaGolfer53 yeah thats what I figured. Doesn't seem worth it for 1 point. thanks for the tip
  7. Anyone know how vokey handles this. Finally went 1/2in over on my irons and want to match the wedges up as well. Concerned about the SW getting too high...
  8. do you know if we will be able to order these retail thru callaway at some point?
  9. 919 Tours. Std everything. 4-pw are Tour Issue x100 with GPTV plus4. 3 iron is Modus 120x. 3 Flihi is c-taper-lite 115x. These were my gamers and cared for. Grooves showing almost no wear. $600 shipped for everything
  10. threw a last minute $100 on rahm. got a feeling lol
  11. cav5

    New wedge setup

    Currently playing MD4 52s, 56c, 60c Looking to move into SM8 50.12F, 54D, 60S, maybe 58S bent to 60 for more bounce. I'd say I'm a very good wedge player from 60 yards and out since I'm able to play it back in the stance and go at it in to out with a shallow and open face. For example at 90 yards I take 56* or 60* and hit a head high screaming shot. Inside 60yds I struggle a bit more and play more of a pitching motion with 60 predominantly. Any suggestions..?
  12. Ping G410 hybrids. Both with newish GP tour velvets, standard. Ping Tour 85x shafts. Std everything. Only marking is a toe side rash on both of them. $200 takes both.
  13. Sorry was away over the weekend. Updated 8iron pic attached to first post.
  14. Basically NEW heads. Never hit outside. 4-p and UT 3iron 21*. $1100 shipped
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