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  1. Im glad you tried it though. I sure have too. What you see Day and Stricker do only looks simplified, its actually advanced, that's why they're on tour LOL. sadly can't be mimicked visually. They are delivering the full sole to the ground without ever taking off or adding loft through the swing. Most people, even elite pros are doing one or another. Its a playable error. J.Day also plays or played his irons 2 or 3 degrees stronger. In his prime watch him deliver his irons at full speed. No lean/deloft. Fabulous stuff. Watch Hogan videos too, no lean but more "active" hands. I thought I had this mastered for about 3 days once. I remember getting up and down out of the rough, short-sided, to a pin 2 yards on from about 30yards. The J. Day way was the only way to do it without having to flop it and I pulled it off. Ended up shooting 67 that day but I also flubbed a 52* from 115 about 70 yards LOL. The best feel I had for it was attempting to turn while keeping a beach ball under the water. The club will feel like it will want to hit fat but its just because of the added space. Unless that feel translates to your whole game its just too hard I think. It's so hard to get the proprioception correct. Then again this game is crazy, you might be able to figure it out. Sometimes the words you identify a feel with have the most meaning in this game. For example when I try to hit a dead straight drive I think "cut" not "straight"
  2. I’m trying to put in words but there’s a reason you don’t see many people do it. Its more than just turning with quiet hands. You have to figure out how to move which makes the hands “look” passive. They’re really not, just arced more. It’s “simple” but only one small thing has to fail for it to be catastrophic. You will be able to hit better shots but your bad shots won’t just be bad they’ll be terrible.
  3. This Is actually an incredibly difficult way to chip and pitch. As simple as it looks it’s actually more difficult to master. Difficult technique in this case equals advanced results
  4. nice set, best looking blade on the market don't know why they don't get more looks.
  5. From the few holes I saw couldn’t keep the new driver in play. He almost looks too wide now. Use to snatch it up quicker when he was younger. His early days it always looked like he aimed right and tumbled the draw more. Too much up and too blocky now IMO. also think he should go 50, 56, 60
  6. Not sure why more people don't play the '21 apex mb. It's got like no offset and has a very subtle rounded profile. The pw thru 8 iron are perfect looking. I could see going CB or GI after that though depending on skill level. I deff want to try the ST Pro in a 3-4 iron
  7. can we actually get those odyssey putters, with those alignment marks??
  8. The 620 MBs seemed tiny to my eye for some reason. Last titleist blade i played was the 710 i think.
  9. I didn’t see but sounds about right lol. Seems to be really solid when around the green. Saw he went to the high bounce MG3s.
  10. his touch is crazy good now. i think he's playing a 58* lob and can hit those short shots with so much speed
  11. SM7 52,56,60. Standard length/lie. Grooves are still pretty good. some patina on soles. Wedge flex. Stock vokey tour velvet 360. Will not split. $220 shipped Cobra King F9. 9*. HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0. tour velvet. standard length. Headcover included. $125 shipped
  12. i wonder if he's still cranking those lofts strong. thought he always used a 47* specialty.
  13. also don't think about the lie, its the wrong focus. just take into consideration its impact on the balls flight/spin. basically, hit a shot, don't do something because its a tight lie. your trouble with a tight lie either exposing a swing or mind fault.
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