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  1. Two in rotation... Byron Morgan 615 4* 335g / Swag Handsome Too 3* 354g
  2. I've played "R flex" shafts virtually my whole 35+ years with the game, so the only real transition was the move to a lighter shaft a couple of years back (NS Pro Neo). I just dropped the 4i out of the bag last year... couldn't fly it 200 anymore..., thankfully found a "no left" hybrid and shaft combination that would (Accra 70i).
  3. Four years older (67yrs) and one club lighter (12): Driver 10.5* 18* 5-wood 22* Hybrid 27* 5i 30* 6i 34* 7i 38* 8i 42* 9i 47* PW 52* / 58* Wedges Putter
  4. Lamkin Crossline Plus ACE Midsize on the irons and wedges Lamkin Z 5 Standard on the driver and 5-wood
  5. If you like +350gr heads... you'll be hard pressed to find a better feeling putter head. Personally not a fan of the KBS shaft or grip that comes stock, but re-shafted with a stepped YSC... it's a very solid putter for most greens. Milling is spot on.
  6. I actually bought an original Handsome Too Undressed... "head only"... and shafted it myself. I prefer the old stepped True Temper YSC shafts. Unless the current iteration has changed, Handsome Too takes a .355 tip.
  7. At $900+ it seems a bit steep... But a nice looking putter
  8. > @padget said: > I like the looks of their putters. A naked suave too would be my personal choice. The raw finish they had on some of the putters looks nice too but I think in reality my putter rusting would drive me crazy. I remember the Callaway Mack daddy 2 wedges in slate finish looked amazing with some wear but once the rust really started setting in I was always trying to scrape it off. > > Would love to see some pics of the swag putters you guys have. Great product.... I grabbed a blank head and built it out with a YSC shaft and Ping P58 grip. I much prefer the f
  9. > @thePINGman said: > > @Scotty1140 said: > > > @thePINGman said: > > > > @BYK said: > > > > > @Golfdoctor said: > > > > > > @gpleonard said: > > > > > > The sad part is these went so fast that 6000 putters would have sold out at 3 times that many. I tried that day and was busy all morning and by the time I got a chance to start looking around none were to be had. I called my local PGA SS and they sad the allotment went in mere minutes. Unreal. > > > > > > > > > > I was tol
  10. Play nice children... This video was linked in another post that I didn't upload correctly... my bad. For what it's worth, this guy was a +3 at the time and missed qualifying for the Senior US Open that year by two strokes, as an amateur, at age 55.
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