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  1. I have a scotty x5. 5 and 15 g weights. Will throw in all weights and scotty wrench plus 50 bucks.
  2. Any interest in trade for 17 m1 10.5 440, great shape. Head swap?
  3. Been doing too much tinkering as of late and need to limit my options. I can't continue playing with a different setup every round. My curiosity is your gain. Everything in good shape. Only trade interests are '16 M2 3wd with rogue 110, '16 M1 430 10.5 or M2 10.5 Make me an offer on anything your interested!! Callaway GBB Epic Subzero 9 degree. RogueMAX 75x. Got this from custom shop 2 weeks ago, played 36 holes. Face and crown are pristine. Very light sole scratching. This is 45" with Lamkin Utx grip. Includes cover and tool. $125 dollars off for my impulsive mistake. SOLD OBO.
  4. [quote name='Paulw007' timestamp='1413332677' post='10288101'] Flex of the c-tapers? Loft of the bty? [/quote] All taper 130's are x Bty 3wds are 14.5
  5. [quote name='PDoN' timestamp='1413332098' post='10288021'] That 910 looks a lot like a 909 [/quote] You are correct, will fix, too many generations of heads
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