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  1. Seems like pre - orders are available
  2. Yup throw any shaft...loosely fitted even But you'll get a brand new sft in return.....probably G425
  3. You're playing one of the best all around irons ever made, coupled with a premium graphite iron shafts. You should not change a thing - unless you want to change- just for the sake of changing IMO And if you do decide to make a change - I suggest you hold on to those G30s just to be sure you didn't make a major misjudged decision
  4. S56 6i then iBlade 5i[need that launch/spin]....and I doubt I can get rid of it
  5. Is a 6i considered a long iron? If so, I back the statement
  6. Pretty spot on - Their glide wedge base lie angle is an ever changing system as well....and I can definitely tell the .41 difference between 2.0 & 3.0 lie
  7. It's going to depend on what exactly you're wanting this club to do... I play G410 SFT 16* small + = 17* but it has 2 purposes- 1. Anything above 205yds - just to have a 200yd+ club in the bag 2. Specifically anything between 190-212yds......I hit this club certain yardage 90% of the time, so accuracy is the #1 goal - not straight out distance from 205yds+ - so the first rule only applies on 2nd shot Par 5 lay ups or stupid long 2nd Par 4 shots Distance or accuracy is the only answer you need
  8. True to a very certain extent. Not like their hasn't been bumps along the years though. Unfortunately, I don't see the newer Generations quite like the OG's, in regards to loyalty The old guys though.....they[we] are fiercely loyal.
  9. Did you ask beforehand about any possible cosmetic blemishes, that might occur? I see you read about the process....Did you buy chance ask the club person about your concerns?
  10. I'd be surprised if they're not good to right now.....I use tour set w/beads and I've always good at 12hrs
  11. Yes....any 10.5 looked 3* closed to me
  12. Can you find a high launch / high spin that fits a quick tempo? 950gh are the same....no quick tempo
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