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  1. Started with G30 22* then G400 26* & 30* now G410 26* They are all the same IMO. I've tested the G425- 410 performed just the same - minus 2* launch
  2. I just want them to re release the Stealth 2.0 in general....everything about that 2.0 is absolutely perfect
  3. S lineage has been axed - only thing that wasn't addressed So you S players are SOL - you'll have to adapt
  4. These cured yetneed pics on this sweet combo
  5. Ooofff.....mine are Shipping tomorrow
  6. Plat getting ready to go full miura
  7. No not 370 - all ping are 335 hosel bore where the collared ferrule goes is larger - sometimes close to 390 in more recent pings[g700]......just use the correct collar or shims/bb&f
  8. Yes, I love some salt for my open wounds......
  9. I have swung these....weren't these a Black Gold spin off? He could possibly be a Black Gold X player no?
  10. Mine turned around in 10 days to my door- once thay arrived at Ping HQ
  11. Strictly Ping speaking - the hyperpearl definitely provides a different spin characteristics in the wet. Now what I can't determine is weather the finish or the dampness from the dew on greens still present. But I definitely can tell a difference in my 58 Glide 3.0 vs 58 Stealth
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