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  1. That Sqaurish Toe frames the ball so perfectly .....the 3.0 Eye 2 is the best copy yet[though they completely missed on how it sits]
  2. Still in the bag.......every......single......round
  3. Not a better club from tight lies/greenside than the Eye 2+ Not a better club from rough or sand than Eye 2[square groove] I still bag an original Eye 2 V-Groove SW......It's the one club I can't replace
  4. 3 fairways & 2 hybrids Along with either 18* or 21* driving iron......depending on just how long the par 3's
  5. This All young kids swing like a sledgehammer .....limited strength in those big muscles
  6. Not single length player I was recommended 9-LW same 36" long ago Over time found lob @35.75" works best for me
  7. Tour set w/beads should snug it enough I'd let those tips setup 1st then proceed with rest of build
  8. My 1st iron is 7i & I play 9wd 5h 6h
  9. Hopefully this isn't a long read: Started down this path -graphite lighter weight, grips....just about everything under the sun! I have severe psoriatic arthritis- well have as it has been manageable with Humira[through now i have cancer due to use]. Anyways....I tried switching to lighter premium graphite shafts [Recoil 95]. These helped tremendously with joint pain in my hands/wrist/fingers! Nothing of note - my scores weren't that much different other than me missing greens more than normal. I found a 7i Recoil 110 off eBay for dirt cheap & put it in play. Defini
  10. Dude just keeps on small ballin like he's 43yrs old! -3 Top 30 $75k paycheck Oldest player to make the cut I thought Hale Irwins Champion Tour record would stand forever......Langer is making me a fool for thinking that! Way to go OldMan!
  11. I'd bag those OG steelhead any day of the week....nice!
  12. 7wd[sm minus setting] - 9wd[23.5] - 5hyb[26] - 6hyb[30]
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