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  1. I used a Eye 2+ SW & Eye 2 SW for over 20 years in Florida .....never thought of using anything else in overseed. The ball sits down in overseed rye as the Bermuda is dormant. Low bounce? I think it's way more square face
  2. Eye 2's would be considered a players iron in today's standards. They were introduced at a time when anything outside that dime sweet spot was "forgiving"
  3. Joe T Jr had clubs +18" nothing is crazy in golf equipment
  4. While I agree...these also have the punch [next to the P]. Now, anybody can add that punch - but it is there
  5. Ask for serial ...should start with XG
  6. My i3+ Blade have the punch to ID as XG às does these
  7. I have a set of XG i3+ Blades[DiMarco]...haven't heard they made an XG Eye 2 full though
  8. So it states: One Caveat: For golfers that prefer flatter lie angles (more than 2 degrees), we offer a special Loft Adapter. I can't seem to find stock specs though
  9. Are you kidding..... All the cool kids are on WRX
  10. If these were orange.....and I'm not waiting for ping to bend🥸
  11. Give my $.02 Those JumboMax XL are huge & I'm willing to bet it's thrown your timing off in regards to closing the face, especially your right hand[rh golfer] I tried these exact grips....had success even- but ultimately ran into your very problem - not the shanks but damn close. I had to "throw" my right hand at the ball, to have success.....its ultimately lead to me rebuilding my grip & grip at impact. Right hand on top[at impact] is a major hidden swing flaw - and a mother to fix apparently I don't use JumboMax anymore
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