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  1. If anyone needs distance - it would be me. I absolutely did not order i59 for distance, though. I ordered for the consistency I saw - especially the launch/spin compared to my s56[which hits my window perfectly]. Then I ordered 7-9 irons only, so I'm not after distance- I'm after greens, specifically small sections....
  2. 9/24 or 28th....I know it was one of those dates
  3. I get that same finger print[using Tour set]....usually let's me know I'm
  4. Just to be non assuming - make sure you spin the adapter once on the shaft...I actually take the adapter off to make sure the shaft prep area has a nice coating of evenly SPREAD epoxy....then I'll do the soft ferrule & check again for proper epoxy coverage...then I'm ready for the final adapter install for curing
  5. I know the loft vs loft debate. ....the i59 launch quite a bit higher than blueprints.....its a trait that they carried over from the iBlade - albeit minus the higher spin
  6. Tour set usually takes 3hrs min to set for me[my toothpick can still be moved at 2hrs].....at least where I'm confident enough to hit balls. That being said.....the Tour set w/beads is the only epoxy I've ever used Good stuff
  7. Can some Mod clean this thread up... Its not i59 anymore
  8. You can't order new golf balls.....existing inventory only. You won't get a quote on shipping date Gloves are the same presently....might get in dz here or there from a 20 dz order
  9. I leave a toothpick in my mix...a golf tee would do the trick as well
  10. This is exactly why I questioned all....did the epoxy ever set up on #3? If the epoxy set....there's basically no way to pull that adaptor off by hand Unless, if course, oil residue left over from cnc- in adapter
  11. Was the epoxy set? He just says onion skin.....was it hard epoxy or still pliable?
  12. So he did #1 without a problem.....no failure Then he has a new epoxy mixture for #2 & #3 & both fail.....I'm assuming using the same adapters on all 3?
  13. I know a 64* is useless 99.01% of the time....on the courses I play regularly
  14. He literally states he can turn shaft afapter #3 by hand.....its an epoxy issue The epoxy didn't set up.....he went back home & was able to turn #3 And I'm not saying avoid adapter prep....there is definitely left over oil residue from machinery, in those adapters.
  15. I think you're over thinking this.....change epoxy - 100% that is the culprit Make sure your epoxy mixture sets up properly....as Stuart said "leave a little leftover" to check it sets up properly
  16. Just an FYI .....its still more expensive to buy those irons with my upgrade shaft than i59 with the same shaft. Muira hits me $80 & PXG doesn't even offer
  17. Since when? The i59 would be that starting point......so when did ping become MORE EXPENSIVE prior to the i59?
  18. IMO since describing a location of pain - specifically #2 knuckle - Welcome to the world of arthritis...... it SUCKS
  19. So -I'll give you a run down or ELI5 1. Everything is fine with order 2. You notice SW is off and want different weights for adjusting [though ordered correctly] 3. Your sales person- literally THIS PERSON - drops the ball and asks the rep for a replacement..... order wasn't wrong in the 1st place - just after purchase 4. Rep to sales person- can this guy not find a different weight? You realize PING is backlogged on everything presently RIGHT? This is a simple solution/ fix and see ZERO need for the club to be sent in for a new weight....no telling how long it will take for a simple weight replacement. 5. Ping will not send parts....no questions asked....if you want swingweight adjustments the club has to be sent in for warranty purposes. 6. Why couldn't the sales just order extra weights? I mean he has an internal rep number as well.....this is the fishy part
  20. I've been working on the linked video, shoulder separation increase that increase in initial shoulder angle[think it's 6*], is an amazing piece of work.....I can literally feel the increase during takeaway
  21. As long as you get to enjoy the walk....that is what counts
  22. OP you're complaining about Ping not selling single weights? If so, that is true as they don't sell direct without a Ping account. Now, there's millions of weights on eBay....and if the swing weight was wrong......either it was ordered wrong or Ping messed up on the build order .?
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