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  1. I have a Newport 2 style from Compass and I will say without a doubt it is the best putter at any price I have ever owned. Weld, weight, finish, stamping are all high quality. Good luck with the sale, shouldn't last very long.
  2. Miura's website doesn't list them. Are they gone forever?
  3. So a shaft change netted you a gain in 6 MPH swing speed? Did you go from 75gm shaft to 45gm?
  4. Mark At 1.50 in Covington built 3 sets for me and his work is impeccable. Very high attention to detail and his SW's are spot on.
  5. I am 5'9" with a wingspan of 6'2".........John Daly looooong back swing that is relatively flat.
  6. I tried for years to shorten my swing and like you, things get sideways quick when I deviate from my natural tempo and swing. IMG_5258.MOV
  7. So SEVEN now has grooves on the upper back toe of their irons? Is this for the occasional opposite hand punch out situations?
  8. I had 2 sets of the P7TW irons. One set at Tiger's specs with Nippon Super Peeing Blue X and the other at std lofts with $-Taper 125 S+. Sold the Tiger spec and love the STD spec set.
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