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  1. I've owned and played both and as much as I like a very small head(6 sets of baby Blades), my vote goes to the Apex MB's. Much better feel and almost too easy to hit. Pings for me left me wanting more. Not that they didn't perform, but they checked only 1 box and that was small. The rest was....meh
  2. I picked up a set of 681 4-PW with TI X100 for $250.00 and would like to find a 3 iron. Great sticks, great look and with the doweled hosels, the feel is solid and unique. Great ball flight and shot shaping. Damn near perfect looks as well.
  3. Research shows the special grooves were the 20V grooves so the mystery continues......Still can't believe these are still available. Limited production......
  4. I have a set of these and the groove spacing/count is identical. Please elaborate on the Tour aspect as this is the first I have heard. Great irons and smoking deal.....
  5. 634 views not a comment or offer. Mods, Please close. Taking it local and the auction site.
  6. 2018 MB Raw 3-PW with TI X100(4-P 3 iron has S300) Great condition with exceptional patina. 5 iron measures 38.5” $850.00 Shipped Very rare Mizuno Craft 911 3-SW Precision 6.5 new Midsize grips. 5 iron measures 37.75” $500.00 shipped Srixon 965 4-PW X100 in great condition. Mix of grips(blown on). 5 iron measures 37.75” BB&F ferrules. $400.00 shipped Thanks for looking. Picture limit so will need to message me for more pics. Impeccable feedb
  7. Just picked these up. 3-PW. Can’t decide what to do with em now......
  8. The MB’s are shafted with KBS 125x. I think too stiff for him and a bit heavy. He can move the ball R to L but it is not consistent. Mostly he gets stuck trying to force a draw and push fades weakly. I personally feel he needs to embrace his natural shot and learn to tighten up the fade and swing with power. I feelEven a low launch shaft(C-Taper) is going to produce a high ball flight with his natural swing.
  9. I really asking this for a friend I play golf with. He wants a lower ball flight and really would prefer to hit a draw. His swing is very repetitive and smooth. His natural shot is a high fade. Question is: Should he pursue a swing change to lower ball flight and shot shape or look towards technology? This is regarding his Irons and shafts. he Plays Apex 18 MB irons. I'll hang up and listen........
  10. City, State? Covington, LaHandicap? 4Current Putter? Cleveland TA2 Milled Long neckBiggest struggle when putting? Distance controlWhat model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? #11sDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YesDo you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Yes
  11. Looks good. What is the ebay listing item number?
  12. May be a hook at the bottom of the fabric that can be reset.
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