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  1. Ping blueprint irons are designed with the unique ability to add hosel weight as well as toe weight to precisely center the CG.
  2. I use em and love my stuff looking as new as possible for as long as possible. I have a question for those who either: Stopped using after having issues losing them and the folks worried about losing them......How many clubs have you lost since you've started playing golf? I have never lost a club or a club head cover.
  3. Well it seems only the Left Handed versions were without the “Your Proven” stamping in the Muscle back.
  4. Haven’t seen this without any stamping on the muscle back. TP-9 stamped on Hosel and M on muscle. Makes me wish I could play left handed. just need info so that I can sell them without misleading or incorrect info. thanks, kurt
  5. Ugly as sin. If this was on an infomercial promising “High MOI” and “Make more Putts” people would be ripping it apart as an ugly gimmicky piece of crap. Scotty saved the money on the infomercial so thanks I guess...
  6. I know there are topics about building irons and I have read most. But I have a question for the club builders: I blow my grips on so is it ok to grip the shafts, Slide ferrules into place and dry fit the heads, then use a swing weight scale to determine any tip weighting needed? Also, is there a way to determine the SW of each club if I don't have a SW scale? To date, I builld my irons and then add Lead tape to get to a D3 SW(Confirmed at my local golf shop. Thanks in advance for your responses and guidance and. I'll hang up and listen.......
  7. KZG ZO irons.. Quality forging, Zero offset and very affordable(If you can find a set)
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