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  1. Considering changing to a standard steel shaft in a stroke lab r ball putter. Anyone know what the tip size needs to be for that? Curious for both the double bend and the slant neck. Thanks
  2. Just curious what people who have hit these think of them? I'm between either Miura 1007 or Vega VC 02 for my next set. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. They should do this again with 2 pros and a random wrx legend money player. I'd pay more to watch 2 pro's play for dough and a random +2 legendary money player to go at it. Especially if the random dude had some financial backing. This current match however.... is a struggle. I get that it's an opening to who knows what. But it's not quite there yet as far as entertainment.
  4. Quick update... Played 9 holes yesterday with them. I realized when I got to the course that my putter was sitting in my living room.... so I played with no putter lol. But I shot 2 over with no birdies and no putter. Hit 6 of 9 greens. Had 2 awful swings that hurt me. Overall I was just as pleased with the irons on the course as I was on the range. So far this experiment was money well spent. Glad I finally pulled the trigger and did it.
  5. I've built many iron sets over the years in my old life. I'm just lazy and busy now days with a real job outside of the golf industry so I let the guy I trust as much as myself at the local shop do it for me now. I agree it does add another level of enjoyment to a project but I'm good with paying someone else to do it while I'm at work so I can spend my free time hitting them vs building them.
  6. So I've always been the type of player that enjoys trying and playing the lesser known or appreciated companies clubs. I've always made a point in having something different than the norm (outside of wrx of course) if at all possible. Tho I say this with Taylormade woods currently in the bag.... Well I've always wanted to try the Modus 120 shafts. I've read enough about every shaft in the world and tried most of them but have never been able to actually swing the Modus 120X which is what I have always felt like would be the perfect shaft for me. I say this based purely on all the junk I've re
  7. When one of the people you get paired with use the club to align their shoulders and feet on the first tee box. When you go to introduce yourself to the people you've been paired up with and when you put your hand out for a handshake they just look at you and say "yeah we're shy and really don't like talking to people"
  8. I'm trying to decide on the straight center shaft or the double bend center shaft but I can't find any pics of the double bend cs at address. Anybody have one they'd like to snap a pic of for me? Also any significant playing difference between the two or just a matter of taste?
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