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  1. [quote name='GolfWRX' timestamp='1449827239' post='12707362'] We probably spend more time talking about Gear Trials than anything else we do at GolfWRX. We can't help it. The processes of testing, tweaking and buying new golf equipment is one of the many reasons we love this game so much. We know that fascination will never leave us, like the permanent calluses on our hands. It's just the way we are. What's so special about GolfWRX is that we're not alone. GolfWRX is a place where millions of golfers get to talk to other golfers who are, in so many ways, just like them. As people in the golf business often tell us, [b]"You always know when you're talking to a GolfWRXer."[/b] The power of our community was on our minds when we were discussion the 2016 Gear Trials: Best Drivers club test. The last two years, we've focused on the feedback from the top custom golf club fitters in North America to create a list of the best-performing clubs in each category. As good as it worked, we couldn't help but feel a bit disconnected from our community each year when we published our results. GolfWRXers had so many questions, and while we did our best to answer them, it didn't feel like enough. The good news? We had a crazy idea, and after talking it through with industry experts we've decided to go forward with it. For 2016, we're going to have GolfWRX Members be our Gear Trials: Best Drivers testers. We're going to handpick 15 of them -- the most golf-crazy, passionate GolfWRXers we can find who meet our criteria -- for this unprecedented event. [attachment=3062516:best-drivers-2016-681x507.png] Testing will takes place on February 6, 2016 from 8 a.m., to 6 p,m., and will be hosted by Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Its master club fitters will oversee the most objective, transparent driver test we could possibly design. Each of the 15 GolfWRXers will be systematically fit by Miles of Golf's expert fitters for the leading drivers. They'll hit real golf balls on Trackman, and at the end of the day they'll know what shaft, what head and what setting worked best for each of them. Best of all, each player's data will be published for all to see. [b]IT'S GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY WE TALK ABOUT DRIVERS ON GOLFWRX, AND THAT'S THE POINT.[/b] Who's coming? Of the 15 GolfWRX testers, we're asking that 7-8 be able to provide their own transportation (a.k.a. live within driving distance of Ypsilanti) for the event, and we're going to pay the way for the others to fly in from around the country. [b][size=5]Requirements[/size][/b] Testers will need to carry a handicap of 10 or less, and will get bonus points if they have been fit for a driver before. If they have not been fit for a driver, they need to be willing to go through a fitting before the event. Each tester will also need to be in "golf shape," as they could hit as many as 200 balls in the 10-hour event. Note that each player's testing will be broken up into several sessions with ample recovery periods in between. We also need testers to bring their "gamer" driver, as well as clubs to warm up with before the event. [b][size=5]So you want to be a part of 2016 Gear Trials?[/size][/b] We will be sending invitations to select out-of-towners, but we are also looking for firm commitments for GolfWRX Members [b]who can commute[/b] to be with us from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday February 6, with a massive dinner to follow. If interested in being a 2016 Gear Trials: Best Drivers Tester and [b]can commute,[/b] please send an email to [email protected] and add your member name, post count and join date.[list] [*][b]Where: [/b]Miles of Golf (in Ypsilanti, Michigan) [*][b]When:[/b] Saturday February 6th, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Out-of-towners will arrive Friday February 5 and leave Saturday February 6 or Sunday February 7. [*][b]What:[/b] 8-to-10 hours of testing. Breakfast and lunch provided. Dinner afterward. [*][b]Who:[/b] 15 GolfWRX Members with handicaps of 10 or better. [*][b]Why:[/b] Because this is how a GolfWRX Driver Test should be organized. [/list] [/quote] I am local Oxford MI would love to be invited.
  2. Hi looking for additional info on the callaway irons. I have been looking for LH Razr X MB irons for sometime. Add says the 6-3 are x forged? Can you provide info on these and maybe a few better pictures? looks odd that there is no markings on the irons are they Callaway as well?
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