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  1. Up for sale is a great set of Srixon ZX7 irons 5-PW. I've played 4 simulator rounds, 6 actual rounds, and warm up range sessions. They're great sticks but I'm going to stick with my Vega VDC-01s. I am not looking for trades. $850 OBO Specs C-Taper Lite Stiff Standard length - 37" 7 iron Standard loft 2* flat Lamkin Sonar+ Midsize grips Custom Boyd Blade & Ferrule (BB&F) Boilermaker ferrules Hit me up with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  2. Brand new in packaging. No cover, no tool - $340 shipped First person to my PayPal account wins. I am not interested in trades. Questions? Ask away!
  3. I realllllllllly regret selling my set of Limited Edition Vega VDC-01 4-PW Black Raw irons. I started searching for them again six months post-sale and so far haven't been able to find them. They've been sold out for years, so going directly through Vega isn't an option. Looking for a miracle if anyone can help me out!
  4. Are they raw showing the underlay or copper plated?
  5. In reading the quote, the description of the goal of this shaft, it sounds a lot like what the characteristics of a KBS Tour S+ (balance point, 125g, softer tip, similar to S400, etc). Anyone have any insight on how they differ?
  6. Two items up for sale today. As always, first to PayPal wins and all prices are OBO. PM me with any questions. Appreciate the time! Custom Black 'n Gold Evnroll ER7 $300 $250 $225 Custom Evnroll ER7 putter. Sent into Labworx Golf to have their Devil's Black coating applied to the head and shaft. Gold paint fill added. Grip is Super Stroke Counterbalance Mid Slim 2.0. Has stock 50 gram weight installed. I will include the weight wrench if desired. Includes original Evnroll headcover (ball mark included). Condition shown in the photos. Labworx Golf Instagram Post of actual putter https://w
  7. Why did True Temper move from the regular True Temper Dynamics to the GOLD standard in 1980, where the same shaft was sorted into Sub flexes by weight? They did it for several reasons. #1 Shaft weight is #2 in importance #2 Since we talk about the same shaft, and weight makes a difference to flex strenght, we also have the flex parameter #3 To make a good "set" of irons, the better the shafts is matched on weight and flex, the more consistent will feel of both weight and flex become. So, already back in 1980 they knew that this would make a difference, so there is nothing strange about pla
  8. The following have been sold: Titleist 917 F2 16.5* Fairway Wood Cobra King F8+ Driver Head Cobra King F8+ 4-5 Fairway Wood Fairway shafts remain, hit me up with some offers!
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