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  1. I currently play the Cobra Forged Tec Black One Length. I love them. I play 4-P then standard wedges. I also play a one length 3 hybrid. I have no issues with gapping. I am however thinking about making the switch back to the variable MIM Tours. Cobra keeps coming up with stuff more in line with Player improvement irons, F9 SZ RAD irons. The current Forged Tec with the hollow head I don’t like. And is seems like from what I hear they won’t be coming out with a Players One Length anytime soon. So I am a little frustrated. Hits the MIMs this weekend and they are great. But all in all I really like the one length concept
  2. I am a One Length player, but I haven’t been impressed with any of the offerings since the Forged Tec Blacks. Is something good down the pipeline or should I give up and go back to variable?
  3. Any chance that they would release a MIM type iron in the One Length? I hit them in variable when they came out. Wow. Really nice.
  4. Something in more of a player’s iron?
  5. Set of SM8 Wedges. Black finish. Have about 15 rounds on them. Grooves are like new. Black finish does wear a little. I put pics of the faces so you can see for yourself. Looking to get $old obro shipped and PP’d for the set. Not looking to break them up. Let me know what you think.
  6. I really hope not. I am really hoping for something a little bit more in the player’s iron category of the One Length. This isn’t something I would move from the Forged Tec Black to.
  7. I am currently playing the Forged Tec Black One Length, and am looking for something new, but I don’t want to change from what I have to the new hollow head Forged Tec design. We shall see though.
  8. I hope that it has something to do with MIMs coming in One Length.
  9. Love Cobra. I am not going anywhere. Best clubs I have ever played. But, I have to agree with you. I have the Forged Tec Black One Length and I have played them for a couple years. I am looking to get a new set and the MIM really caught my interest. But, alas they won’t be available in the One Length. No complaint. I understand the reality of retail. It is just that I am playing about as good as I have ever played right now and I don’t want to adjust back to variable length. I guess it will be the new Forged Tec model for me. Unless, any word on anything else in the line of new releases later in the year for One Length users? Maybe somebody knows something?
  10. Hey guys, I have a Ventus Blue 6s Velocore shaft with a Cobra connector. Came out of the Pars and Stripe Limited Driver. Played it a couple rounds. Looking for $old shipped PP’d US. I also have a Avalanche White SZ 9* Driver Head w/ HC and wrench. Looking for Sold Shipped and PP’d US. Would combine for $old Shipped and PP. Will also consider reasonable offers.
  11. Hey. What model is the black pair with the blue soles?
  12. I am currently a 5.2 and have been as low as a 4.5 but have been here for awhile. My goal is to be a scratch golfer. I just don't know if that is realistic because I honestly don't know how far away I am. I am a full time High School teacher so I do have to devote time to that LOL. If you think I can, what do you think I need to do? Thanks for the advice in advance.
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