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  1. 585 iron set. 3-PW. Standard loft,lie. One inch longer than Srixon standard length. 39" 5 iron. 37" PW, 9 iron. Modus 105 stiff flex shafts "splined". Lamkin Midsize Plus grips,still feel tacky The grip is thicker under the left hand. Some ball marking on the 7 and 8 iron, rest of the irons are very clean. $675 TYD, CONUS only. 3 iron only, $140. Will sell 3 iron only after 4-PW is sold. Heads only, $565 TYD CONUS only. 3 iron head, $125. Would sell 3 iron head only after 4-PW heads are sold. Trade interests... Ping G series Blue,Yellow,Green dot iron sets,
  2. My first set in 1985 was Ping Karsten III 3-PW, $250, used, from Golf Discount in St. Louis. I added an Eye 2 Sw, TM Burner 9.5* driver and 15* 3 wood. Not sure how much those cost. I still have the Ping Anser putter that I bought new for $85 to complete the set. There wasn't much available for lefties in those days.
  3. Clean Bridgestone iron set. 5-AW. Standard L,L,L. Some ball wear on 7,8,9,PW. Grooves are sharp. Soft forging,long and forgiving. SOLD Trade interests... Ping G30,G400, similar iron sets in same shape. https://pluggedingolf.com/bridgestone-tour-b-jgr-hf2-irons-review/
  4. Srixon 585 3-PW and Bridgestone JGR Tour B HF2 5-AW.
  5. Ping IE1 iron set. 4-PW, black dot lie angle, 1/2" longer than standard. Modus 105 Stiff flex shafts. Very nice Ping gold grips. Clubfaces have minor ballmarking,scratches. I was told the lofts are one degree strong, cannot confirm that. CONUS only. Trade interests... iron sets...G30,G400, G410 yellow or green dot, CFS Stiff,AWT 2.0 Stiff, or heads only also.
  6. I want to point out a small ding on the sole of the PW, and a nick on the hosel of the GW. They have no effect on the performance of the clubs.
  7. Nippon tour 105 stiff shafts. Standard loft,lie. Extended 1/2". 38 3/4" 5 iron. I can pull the extensions and return the set to standard length. Excellent shape. Head covers used,very little use. GP NDMC black/grey standard size grips. Trade interests are iron sets in similar condition... Epic Pro, G410 green/yellow dot, Titleist,Srixon, similar iron sets.
  8. Ben Hogan MacGregor "Par-maker" woods,irons, and putter. Driver 42" 3 Wood 42" 2 iron 39" 4 iron 38" 5 iron 371/2" 7 iron 36 1/2" 8 iron 36" 9 iron 351/2" putter 34" $199 TYD OBO CONUS ONLY.
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