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  1. Thanks for posting these pics and the lacing tag! Love these No Problem. I played wearing them today. Easily my favorite shoe.
  2. They are already tight. the strap is an elastic and it returns into the shoe, no slack. they are a lot like the zoom 90 as they don't have a tongue, but they feel much more structured than the zooms.
  3. I dont have wide feet at all they fit great, I really like them.
  4. They fit amazing. More comfortable than the lunar controls I have. I have only hit balls on the range have not played in them. The soles are the tw 71s and the lacing system is awesome no foot movement. Much better than the boa system on the tongue that I always hated. Not the best pics .
  5. Tour AD F-75 X ADFW7-X X-Stiff 44″ 79g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 3.2 LOW HIGH MID I need this!!!!
  6. Here you go[attachment=2342793:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1406404298.682233.jpg]
  7. They look much better in person. I have seen all the color ways as well. We were told by the rep during the presentation that that Rory had a lot of say about the design the new lunar control. Having held them and seen them, the technology is better with carbon fiber inserts in the foot bed and a better sole than the current plastic sole in the LC2 and additional spikes to help with traction. I didn't like the LC2 that much so my opinion is that the new shoe is better.
  8. I have both arms that are half sleeves. So at the elbow. I don't get to much grog from them but I'm a PGA PGM student so I get lots of the professionals looking at me awkwardly.
  9. I had Robert Mark create some custom UNLV head covers for me. I have had mine for a couple of months now, great quality and were great to work with I had to email him a couple of times but they responded in a reasonable time. My wait time was about three weeks from order to my door.
  10. This is a picture of the 2015 Spring Catalog. There isn't a picture in the catalog, just the info you can see.
  11. The TW15 is in the Spring 2015 catalog. The local Nike rep showed the new line today. No pictures of the TW15 yet but the catalog has White,Black and Seasonal color codes so three pairs. Tiger is set to start wearing them in November overseas to let the media and social media to create buzz then be released 3/1/2015.
  12. I play the 5 wood still.. My favorite club in my bag...
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