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  1. The guy is a dirt bag. A very talented dirt bag, but a dirt bag none the less. Its not the fact that he got a ruling and a drop for a ball that we all know was not embedded, it's what he did around the ball... that we all know was not embedded. The drop/ruling did not win him the tournament. It just further shows the kind of a person he is.
  2. ...does the SN# look a little different?
  3. Any new news on the TSi4? Shouldn't we be seeing it released pretty soon?
  4. I love my Iomic Sticky Mid grips. They are almost 2 yrs old now and still in great shape. All it takes to keep them fresh is the occasional hot water rinse and towel dry. They last forever, which makes the slightly higher cost more than worth it. I just wish the Sticky Mid was easier to come by.
  5. Has anyone seen the Australian version of the staff stand? Search: Titleist smu Australia.
  6. TITLEIST...there is no substitute! 16 clubs for me. Gaming the TS4 right now but also have TS3. Was waiting on TSi3 or 4 until after my 4th back surgery coming up. Still have my D4 as well. TS3 3 wood. Haven't found anything better than my 913HD. Replaced my AP2's with 716 TMB's 3-w (still have my old 670's in the closet). Vokey SM7 50,55,60. A murdered out 2013 SC Notchback. Premium stand bag with matching leather headcovers.
  7. Looking to remove some paint fill from chrome wedges. Have had a paint stripper damage the finish on a putter in the past. What are some options for removing the paint fill with no danger to the chrome finish?
  8. Notchback RULES! I love mine. I bought without having seen it in person. Loved the way it looked. Had shaft blacked out and black Iomic grip .Awesome look imo. Like the look of the new NB's but didn't think it felt as good as my 2013. Now wanting to get mine refinished. Any opinions on somewhere to get refinish done??
  9. Where can I get a blacked out shaft with a bend for a cameron? Try Vibrant Golf at golfvibrant.com. Had my done a couple years ago. Customer service wasn't the best but the work was good. Still holding up really well.
  10. ...add another to the "Please Don't Be Gray!"
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