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  1. > @jdowning111 said: > TMAG R460....I have some really great memories of that driver, had one with a Blueboard shaft, spent a summer hitting fairways went thru a summer where I rather hit the driver than a wedge.....which of course makes no sense but wow what I would give to have that driver back in my hands.... It really is one of the greatest fairway hitting drivers I’ve ever had. It looks incredible at address. Swing smooth and center the fairway.
  2. > @timbodtc said: > Sweet set-up! Which irons are you carrying? 5,7,9? Yes and PW
  3. My son is a competitive lefty player. I have some really nice stuff here for sale.... Mizuno JPX-900 Hot Metal Irons - LH. Accra 50i Shafts. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips. 6,7,8,9,PW,GW,SW (7 clubs). Clubs built by Club Champion. Shafts Pured. Spec sheet includes all details. Great condition, used for 13 months before outgrowing them. $450 Ping G400 SF Tec 12* - LH with Headcover. Built by Club Champion. Mitsubishi C6 Red 50 A shaft. Pured. 42.25” D3 swing weight. $170. Ping G400 #3 Hybrid 19* Accra 50i shaft. Built by Club Champion. 38”. C4 Swing Weight. Headcover inclu
  4. Threw this 8-club set together to walk a 6 hole loop on my home course late in the evenings. Lots of fun playing these old clubs. Driver - TM R9 Stock Stiff shaft (2009) Hybrid - Callaway RAZR 4 hybrid (2011) Irons - Mizuno MP-67 (2007) Wedge - Ping Eye 2 Square Groove (early 80’s) Putter - Scotty Cameron Teryllium (1997) Bag - Titleist Sunday Bag with club logo Ball - Vice Towel - Sugarloaf Social Club
  5. Only seen ‘19 version and it looks incredible. My son was fit into one at Club Champion this week. The white scoring lines on the plain black head gives it a driving iron look. I want one for myself now.
  6. My son just got fit into the G410. He tried the M6, TS2, and Epic. The lower COG and shallow clubface of the Ping really helped him hit incredible shots from the deck.
  7. Our range and pro shop close at 6pm in summer and 5pm in fall/winter. I’ve abundantly complained. It’s a private club owned by @clubcorp. After 7 years we are leaving at the end of July. We will be moving full time to the semi-private club in our neighborhood. No fancy restaurant or facilities. Just an awesome Arnold Palmer designed course. Shop stays open late and the range is open as long as you want as long as you have balls to hit.
  8. Weight is equally important as flex. I can’t say it enough, invest in a fitting!!
  9. I think he’s gonna be just fine... course record 62. Had a 59 in the crosshairs!!
  10. I would say it depends on what her goals are. My son is a competitive 12 year old golfer with ambitions of playing in college. I just had him fit for a second year in a row. He outgrew the set we had built last year in 13 months. As you already know, the proper weight of the club is equally as important as the proper length. I’d think you would be amazed at the performance difference of a properly fit set of clubs. Club Champion is expensive but their fittings are incredible. You can then take their recommendations and purchase them on your own for a lot less $.
  11. My 13 year-old son was fit into M5 irons at Club Champion yesterday. Look forward to seeing them in action once he gets them.
  12. My 13 year-old son had a fitting at Club Champion yesterday. He fit into the Apex hybrid over the Rogue. Better launch and carry numbers. I’ll update once he gets it in hand.
  13. I switched from 714 AP2 after nearly 6 years to Mizuno MP-18 SC. Sold them within days and bought 718 AP2. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t hit the 718 AP2. They feel completely different than than the 714 in a good way.
  14. I recently ordered Mizuno MP18-SC after 6 years of 714 AP2. Didn’t love them, sold them, and ended up with 718 AP2. If irons are the worst part of your game, definitely go 718 AP2. They are so good. Best of both worlds in forgiveness/playability.
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