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  1. Titleist T100 top (7 iron) Mizuno Pro 223 (8 iron)
  2. It definitely looks like the sole is beveled quite a bit on the trailing edge of both the 221 and 223. While there appears to be quite a bit of mass near the sole, they both will effectively (in theory) play similarly through the turf if you look at both the 221 (from Keith Mitchell's WITB) and the 223 (from R.S.'s). It also looks like the top line is beveled to make it look thinner from address despite the thickness shown on the photos looking face-on. I like everything about the 223 that has been spilling out, from Vosh's info to these photos. Some help in the long/mid irons to more of a blade/MB in the short irons. It looks a lot like an "updated" MP-64 with some added launch in the longer clubs. Count me in to giving these a very serious look when more info is released and we can get them in hand.
  3. Little signs of use. Standard weight installed. SOLD shipped CONUS, OBO. Not looking for trades.
  4. Components are still an issue, and likely will continue to be an issue moving through the end of the year. Not much that the consumer (or the manufacturers) can do.
  5. Placed order on 7/28. PX shafts are the holdup. Looking like mid-Oct now at the earliest.
  6. Has to be the same grip on all 13, without exception. I do my best to measure butt diameter on all of my clubs to try and match up thickness by adding an extra layer of tape if needed. It's a deal-breaker.
  7. U510 3 iron - standard length and loft, 1* flat. Excellent condition as shown. PX Even Flow White 100g 6.0 shaft with GP Tour Velvet .60 round grip logo down. $139 OBO, shipped CONUS. Not looking for trades. Will pull the shaft if wanted head-only.
  8. The last that I saw was that he recently switched back to AD-DI 8 in driver and he's been in Rombax in 3w for a few months.
  9. Looks like his usual Diamana D+Limited.
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