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  1. I'd seek out a Hand Surgeon to properly evaluate it. Get a referral if you have to start the process with a PCP.
  2. I sure do wish the sound engineer or whatever the title is would balance the background noise and announcers. Background noise is cranked way up.
  3. pgatour.com shows the same. FYI Bryson is now up by 2. Sergio missed a par putt.
  4. Rahm down by 3 after 3. Never would I have guessed that.
  5. Absolutely the players have everything to do with the outcome. Stricker is the guy figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the Euro players and the US players. So far it's working for him.
  6. Do anything you want as long as there isn't an obnoxiously loud subwoofer involved. That's when I come out and start talking.
  7. My prediction would be that Sunday Rory shows up and Xander has a fight on his hands. That would be the momentum shift Padrig is looking for.
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