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  1. I believe this is the replacement: https://www.golfworks.com/true-temper-elevate-ets-85-steel-iron-shafts/p/tt0170/ According to this shaft replacement guide: https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/TaylorMade.pdf
  2. I'm later 50's, artificial hip, and use a push cart whenever possible. I was carrying but made a command decision this year to use a push cart for the sake of the hip. I want it to last for as long as possible. I gave a lot of thought to an electric model but after much research I wasn't confident it would work on the wet, hilly courses I play. There were too many stories about carts sliding and tipping on side hills along with spinning out going up steep hills during wet conditions. I could do cart path only with one for 8 months out of the year just like cart golfers, lol. If I played mostly level courses I'd still have a push cart. Pushing a bag on level ground is not much different than just walking imo.
  3. I found this: https://www.noga.org/2021/02/02/the-usga-and-ra-announce-golf-equipment-research-topics-and-proposed-equipment-standards-changes/ I don't really like what I read (that the USGA feels distance is a problem in all levels of the game). It goes on to talk about changing testing of balls and equipment. If I was a manufacturer I wouldn't be making a whole lot of anything with a long lead time that might be impacted by future rules.
  4. No matter what the lowest score wins.
  5. Maybe they should all play with Top Flight? Lol. I get your point but I just don't see things the same way. I would like to see narrower fairways and thicker rough. IMO that would put a premium on accuracy and severely punish most bomb and gouge players. The risk/reward ratio would be huge.
  6. Something like that. I'm someone who doesn't see the need to limit anything. All the golfers are playing the same course with the same equipment. Some of them put in a whole lot of time to be better. The way I think is to let them be better. Let them hit it farther, let them score lower on longer courses than the golfers of the past. What does it hurt? It surely makes the tv experience more exciting. IMO all of this "we have to limit things" started when Tiger decimated the field almost every time he played. Watching Bryson drive a par 4 and sink the long eagle putt on the opening hole of the last day of the Ryder Cup was exciting.
  7. Enlighten me please. A distance limited ball is what my answer was for. In my mind a distance limited ball limits distance. This is going to affect a long hitter more than a short hitter imo.
  8. Is the goal to make all pros hit close to the same distance? Punishing someone for putting in the work to be better does not make any sense to me.
  9. Phil isn't happy about it. Just caught part of Morikawa talking about using course design to require precise shots, didn't catch the first part but I'm sure they will show it again.
  10. Walking winter golfer in PNW. I find that an umbrella on my push cart solves most rain issues because I stay under it except when hitting or putting. If it's raining and blowing hard enough that the umbrella won't keep me dry then I'm not going to be golfing that day. Long pants, warm socks, water proof shoes, and usually just a shirt with a 1/4 zip pullover will keep me warm down to 40 F. Any colder and I'll add another thin layer, usually a long sleeve t shirt. If it's frozen I'll add long johns but I rarely play frozen conditions with temp greens anymore.
  11. One time and it's been 27+ years so far.
  12. Something worse... One day I'm playing in the afternoon with a friend from work. We get to the 10 tee box and notice a wedding party with photog taking pictures in a very nice wooded area which happens to be next to the banquet facility. My friend (who had been married 6 times when this happened, 7 now) started telling the groom to run away, it would never work, she will change, etc. Quite possibly the worst feeling in golf...
  13. I've already seen it. The set goes PW then AW and finally GW. All used to be 8i, 9i, PW. It doesn't really matter, it's just one of those things that sticks in my mind. Kinda like how pickups used to be a 10 or 100 for the half ton model and now they are all 150 or 1500. But, I digress.
  14. I replaced an old Bag Boy three wheeler with this a few months ago: https://www.costco.com/caddytek-superlite-4-wheel-push-golf-cart.product.100498159.html I like it. It's lightweight, folds compact, and rolls nice. The front wheels can be adjusted for different sized bags and can be aligned so it tracks straight.
  15. Yes it is. Your turn to post a pic.
  16. Where does Bryson rank in putting on the PGA Tour? Always looks like he's putting well when I watch.
  17. I'm OCD about things like that, lol. And yes, now that I'm used to my new/used irons I'm back to mostly thinking iron numbers. For awhile I had to remind myself that just about every club was "off" by one number. I was mostly wondering why we have iron numbers instead of degrees of loft. Someone mentioned Bobby Jones starting it back in the day of the mashie. That's something I didn't know. I also didn't know that some club manufacturers had stamped degrees on their irons in the past. As far as what someone else is hitting into a green I could care less. I don't ask and don't care.
  18. That was my thought when I posted, a degree number is much simpler than thinking my 5 iron is xx degrees and I hit it xxx yards. My current setup has a 4 iron that's 20.5 degrees. The previous set had 4 iron that was 23 degrees. All the iron number does is misstate the loft I'm actually hitting. The iron number doesn't mean anything except that I convert it to degrees and yards. Why have to convert to degrees first? Why not just know that my current 4 iron is 20.5 degrees and the next best gap for me is an 18 degree hybrid? If clubs were identified by loft vs an arbitrary number it would simplify things. At least in my mind. But, I don't always think the same as others.
  19. When I pull the flag I set it down on the collar of the green. How strange is that?
  20. This is a guessing game. Guess where in the world the photo is from. Whoever gets it correct posts their photo and so on. If you guess correctly and post a photo please keep an eye on the thread to confirm if someone got it right. To start it out here's one from the cold war era. It still stands to this day and is a big attraction.
  21. What I'm interpreting is that for you it's easier to convert the 8 iron number to degrees than it is to see an actual number because you will just modify it anyway? Yes, it would be silly to indicate degrees of loft on anything but wedges, fairway woods, drivers, etc. Right now I'm wondering why manufacturers even publish lofts of irons? I should just accept that brand A 8 iron carries 140 for me while brand B 8 iron carries 150. Why would I need to know lofts when comparing? It's just silly.
  22. So an 8 iron is always an 8 iron because there is an 8 stamped into it. Loft of the club doesn't matter, just the fact that is has an 8 on it? Even if my current 8 iron has less loft than the 7 iron in my old set. In the end it doesn't matter, it's just a number. I'd just like to see some kind of standard vs the current trend of calling yesterdays 3 iron a 5 iron today. But that's me.
  23. Absolutely. What if in an alternate reality golfers knew how far they hit their 27 degree iron? I realize it will never happen. It's just one of those things (a number that has to be translated into a degree) that make little sense to me and sometimes I think out loud. On the internet I type it out.
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