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  1. Cheap golf and rainy weather. Mild summers and mild winters but it rains. PNW. A nice place to retire if you don't mind a little rain.
  2. Free shipping from Snell through Cyber Monday. I'm really fighting the urge to pick up another 5 dozen MTB.
  3. What's the worst feeling in golf? Hitting someone you shouldn't of been able to hit. That's what I say when pressed to go ahead and hit. Speaking from personal experience it's happened to me (I hit someone with a golf ball that I shouldn't of been able to hit). There is no way I'm hitting into a group even if they are a little out of my normal range. From time to time I get a hold of a ball and it flies farther than I'm expecting, same as any other golfer.
  4. I've never taken measurements but have seen many in play with my group. To me it looks similar in dimensions to my Answer 2 with the exception of a longer back flange. It's heavier too.
  5. Just ordered one and came here to spread the news. Now how am I going to break it to the Ping Answer 2 that's been in my bag for 13+ years? Lol.
  6. All rejoice and dance around the aluminum pole while reruns of Seinfeld play in the background! 2021 Festivus has been released!
  7. So how do those who have gamed these for a season feel about them? Are you keeping them in the bag? Did you go out and buy another set to keep in reserve like one of the posters in this thread did? I'm about to buy a set and just can't find a reason not to.
  8. I'm seriously contemplating another 5 dozen. I don't need them (yet) but they sure would look pretty sitting in the horde room with all the other golf balls, clubs, shafts, and canned goods.
  9. Prefer stiff steel shaft but am open to others. Thanks
  10. All I remember is I took it from the Eiffel Tower!!!! Great answer. Now, it's time for you to post a picture.
  11. The city will do for this one but bonus points for where it was taken from.
  12. Since it's probably not in the Iceland Sea I'll guess Saarenkylä, Finland based on gps coordinates.
  13. Is this in the northern hemisphere?
  14. From time to time I'll come across range balls on the course, as in someone was playing a round of golf with plastic covered rock that came from a range 20 miles away (name of the range is on the ball).
  15. Coolshot 20G here. Love it. I can usually shoot one handed and can shoot multiple targets without a lock. It can be a little shaky in the viewfinder if I'm catching my breath but it still picks up a flag. I especially like being able to shoot multiple targets without an instant lock. IIRC it takes 7 seconds to lock the number so it's possible to scan for 7 seconds.
  16. Those goalposts moved pretty quickly, lol. FWIW I don't usually pick up balls on the course. Mostly because I don't know the history of the ball.
  17. It came in their bucket of balls, to me that would mean it's theirs. Maybe they don't care if you pick one out, you would know better than I do.
  18. It belongs to the range. It came in the bucket of balls you rented.
  19. @BIM_Monkey Since you guessed correctly it's your turn to post a pic.
  20. Have you ever thought about replacing the 3w with a strong 3w just for tee use? Callaway pre-owned has been having some pretty good weekend sales on current model clubs.
  21. That was my number 1 reason for early retirement. I wanted to be able to enjoy myself while I was physically able.
  22. By any chance is the course condition such that lcp and rake and place make sense as local rules? Things like thread bare fairways and bunkers that aren't maintained?
  23. This castle is being viewed from a more famous castle.
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