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  1. 15 minutes ago, Hawkeye77 said:


    Are you joking?  Being able to lift my ball and place it on a clean mat prior to hitting it would help me and the course.


    As far as I know it's only allowed in Scotland during winter.  The USGA could follow that example.

  2. 1 hour ago, mitchnpat1 said:

    yesterday me and a partner had the first tee time of the day. When we arrived to the 11th hole we noticed a 4 some with 3 carts in the fairway. Turns out they just flat out decided to tee off from the 10th without permission from the clubhouse. Has this ever happened to anyone? 


    It happens.  They figure why wait for their tee time like everyone else when the back is wide open.


    I only notice it when they are slow.  As long as they hustle and don't hold anyone up it's fine.  

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  3. 2 minutes ago, cardigan said:

    I would be shocked if golf products were even close to one percent of Costco's business.  Golf OEM's are nowhere near the level of Costco.  All of the big golf OEM's combined still wouldn't close.


    Costco is diversified.  Go in for a few things and leave with a whole lot more. 


    I could see having two dozen quality urethane covered golf balls for $25 bringing people in who normally would of went somewhere else for groceries.  It's worked on me anyway, lol.

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  4. 30 minutes ago, GooseHook said:

    Correct country here would be a good answer. Great answer would be the name of the town or region. 





    Nice picture.


    The way the thread works is whoever guesses the previous picture has "honors" on posting the next one.

  5. 21 hours ago, jmcm87 said:

    DeChambeau out with a 'sore wrist'. But by the way he was sulking around yesterday, DeChambeau out with baby tantrum. 


    Hope it's not a TFCC injury.  They take forever to heal.

  6. 10 minutes ago, bscinstnct said:


    Ya, like RJ here


    Dude throw a ball through a wall and make like 300MM but look like he sellin hubcaps 🤣





    Watched Randy pitch a few games in Seattle.  Mr. Snappy would make an appearance once in awhile.


    Mr. Snappy was his pet name for a wild fastball.  He also hit and killed a bird with a pitch during a game.  Even a bird couldn't move fast enough to avoid a RJ fastball.



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  7. 4 minutes ago, scotee said:


    Mine new out of the boxes are not marked as you show here. 3 pc v-1 (green box) has performance+dot. 3 pc v-2 (gold box) has the exact side stamp performance+dot in the same font and the same boldness. They cannot be distinguished until I cut them open. Since I have some of both I have to mark them to tell the difference. I posted pics some time ago.


    Thanks for the info.


    As you probably know the pics I posted are links from the USGA list.  According to them the list is updated every month with additions and deletions.  The current list is from January 5 2022.


    I've only had the current model that comes in a silver and red box.  Prior to that I didn't bother with Costco golf products.


    I tried to search for your post with the pics but I couldn't figure out how to search by user name.  It would be nice to see what you found and documented in the past.

  8. 1 minute ago, DennyJones said:

    Seems like the appropriate thread.


    Tonight while play WGT golf online I got into a debate with a guy about order of play.    I was on the green but farther away from the hole than his short pitch shot.   I made the comment that in golf, I'd be playing first because I was farthest from the hole.   He got strongly disagreed with me saying that everyone had to be on the green first.   I emailed him rule 6.4 but I don't think I can convince him of the rule because he is the president of his club and went to a rules class.   


    Your thoughts please.




    I've been through this a few times on the course.  I find it's best to let them be wrong about it and just play.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Mr. Bean said:


    Oh my...


    Dear Sir, I am SOOOOOO sorry. When referring to hundreds and hundreds of players I should have also referred to hundreds and hundreds of various things those players tend to do when it is their turn to play instead of limiting my scope to taking a sip of water making You, Sir, thinking that I was only referring to Your, Sir, post earlier.


    So, the things they should not do are:

    - drinking

    - filling score card

    - scraping their balls

    - polishing clubs

    - finding balls from the bag

    - talking to a friend on the adjacent fairway

    - searching for stray balls in the pond nearby

    - eating a sandwich

    - sunbathing

    - moon bathing

    - smoking a joint

    - using a binocular to see a woodpecker close by

    - using a binocular to watch a well-built female close by

    - listening to radio

    - listening to wind

    - studying the Rules

    - scrolling the www

    - reading emails

    - making a video

    - and a few other things...


    I hope I have been in assistance to You, Sir.




    What if they pass the joint when they tee up? 


    That's where the time savings are, not Bogarting.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Girevik said:

    I guess I just don't fall into the "it's not illegal if you don't get caught" camp.


    Are you referring to an approved golf ball that's on the conforming list?  It's on the list, it's legal.


    The 2.0 is <Performance+dot>  C2021-0003.jpg


    The first 3 piece is <<Performance+>>  C2021-0040.jpg




    Both images are on the USGA conforming list.



    Now I ask the question:  Am I missing something?


  11. 39 minutes ago, Titleist99 said:

    Thanks.......I needed the chuckle.

    P.S. Classic Star Trek is still the best..........................IMO      just saying.


    The original series is the best imo too.  The JJ Abrams movies with Chris Pine as Kirk are fantastic.


    This is shaping up to be an exciting start to PGA golf in 2022.



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  12. On 12/14/2021 at 6:06 PM, A L E X said:

    Try homebrewing. The investment can be along the same line as clubs and rounds, the pressure to follow through and make good product is there, and it is immensely satisfying when you make quality product (which really isn't that hard if you follow procedure). 

    Then there's bottling, kegging, lifting/carrying for all you exercise needs. Plus its time consuming - 2 hours to brew, 2 weeks to ferment, 2 hours to bottle, 2 more weeks to bottle condition. 


    It really is fun 🍻




    It starts off cheap enough, lol. 



  13. 5 minutes ago, Abh159 said:

    You literally said if they didn’t have a deal this year then some of their “loyal customers” would switch to another golf ball. That implies you believe those loyal customers are only playing the ball because they get it on sale.


    People who buy Mercedes aren’t going to start switching to Honda just because MB doesn’t have their annual holiday sales event. Similarly, people who buy Pro V1s aren’t going to switch to Vice just because there isn’t a buy 3 get 1 free Titleist deal this year. If those loyal customers were so price sensitive they would have switched to a cheaper ball years ago. 


    Not at all.


    For the life of me I can't see how you read that much into my post.



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  14. 2 minutes ago, Abh159 said:

    So your theory is that there is a large percentage of Pro V1 users who ONLY play that ball because they can get them on sale once a year?


    Seems a little ridiculous to me…




    I didn't say anything like that at all.  Quite a reach on your part.

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