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    2 iron

    www.callawaygolfpreowned.com Under "other brands" and "single irons" Ben Hogan Apex Edge 2 iron like new condition $31.99.
  2. There is a difference between pulling an all titanium head like the 454 and pulling a composite/titanium like the Ft-3. The heat needed to pull a shaft can break down the epoxy that holds the carbon back to the titanium face. Save either the head or the shaft is what a very reputable clubfitter told me. I drilled out the shaft and saved the head.
  3. The book is hard to read. Written by an engineer with poor writing skills. Luckily I have a teaching pro who interprets it pretty good.
  4. Just a follow up. Received the irons today. Original packaging, brand new, look great. Swingweights ranged from D1.5 4 iron to D3 on the PW which is within .5 of Bridgestones specs. Still can't figure out why they went so cheap and why they didn't have a reserve. As far as Deal/No Deal this was a Deal.
  5. I own both. FT-3 10 degree neutral with prolaunch and X460 tour 10.5 with stock 26.3 fuji. I prefer the xtour. Reason is the square face. With the xtour my misses are usually a fade, with the FT-3 and it's 1 degree closed face I can count on it going left and can't predict if it will be a draw or hook. I'd say if you have problems with the ball going right get the FT-3. I've gotten used to playing a straight to fade shot with the xtour and don't want to go back to the left side again.
  6. Why so cheap?I was on ebay looking at iron sets yesterday. Proshopwarehouse had alot of sets of Bridgestone GC irons, both mid and os. I see a set 4-pw with no reserve, place a bid and win for $160. These are new irons with nippon shafts and my previous experience with this company leaves me confident I will receive what I bid on. Anybody know why these irons are selling so cheap? I realize I lucked out on the bid but still they have buy it now on these clubs for $260. Retail is $480-525. What's going on?
  7. I'd keep using it. Might save the scorecard. Maybe there's another hole in one left in that ball!
  8. Congratulations! Thanks for the laugh about clean the ball or not clean. You had an experience that only you will ever appreciate fully. What a great day.
  9. Hi, I would like to add an unbiased review/opinion. I own Maltby M05's and TM RAC OS2's. The MPF is within 20 points of each other. My real world experience is the Taylor Mades are more forgiving. How much more? I'll just say alot. When I'm swinging good I can't tell much difference but when I'm not the Maltby's punish me much more than the OS2's. As for my golfing background I just started two years ago, keep a handicap and it's high but consistently improving (mid 20's currently) IMO I'm the guy the MPF should be of most value to and the system doesn't seem to work for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the M05's. They are one of the best looking iron designs around and feel nice and are of high quality manufacture, but there is no way they are as forgiving as OS2's. I don't think Ralph takes into account things like sole width, bounce, and offset. Bruce
  10. www.callawaygolfpreowned.com They carry more than just callaway. Good prices.
  11. How are they working for you?Hi, I'm wondering how those of you who have Black Gold shafts like them after the honeymoon has worn off. I did a search and found most people raved about them at first but I'm wondering how you like them after part of a season. I'm about to replace some flighted rifles that just go too high for me and it looks like the Black Golds are what I'm looking for. One more thing, does the decending weight work for you? Were your clubs swingweighted to get a consistant swingweight across all the clubs? Thanks, Bruce
  12. www.golfworks.com With that said I just purchased a set of Black Gold tapers from golfsmith. Couldn't beat the price on shafts and shipping.
  13. My "new" driver is an x460 tour in 10.5 with the stock 26.3 fuji shaft. Bought it used for a good price. I'll probably try a D1 or D2 in a few years when they are half price.
  14. Congratulations! What's the next milestone for you?
  15. bekgolf

    Wilson Px3

    The Dx2 and Px3 are on sale at www.golfgalaxy.com $10 and $15 per dozen respectively. I really like the way they play. It's too bad Wilson discontinued them. The Staff 50 replaces the Dx2. Wonder what the other replacement balls will be?
  16. Colin Montgomery had the best show IMO. I also liked the one with Jim Furyk alot.
  17. If you are looking for a good quality used Callaway try www.callawaygolfpreowned.com
  18. Had the same problem. Had a driver I hit well except it went left because of the closed face. If I tried to open it at address all kinds of things would happen. Went with a square faced driver. To start I found a driver with the same lie angle and a square face. Luckily the first one I tried worked. Went with a X460 tour with the stock 26.3 Fuji shaft. I'm so glad I didn't keep trying to make that closed face driver work for me.
  19. Try www.golfworks.com Lots of .370 and universal (.355 or .370) hosel heads.
  20. Go to www.callawaypreowned.com and look around. They take trades and carry other brands. Like the other guy said the X 5 wood is very easy to hit.
  21. bekgolf

    I need help

    Callaway. Reason being the lie angle of their woods. They just work for me and my swing.
  22. To get the most bang for your buck try the classifieds on this site, callawaygolfpreowned.com, and ebay. Keep in mind that callaway preowned also carries other brands of used clubs.
  23. I'm 41, next month will mark 2 years since I picked up the game. Started with a complete Ram set bought on sale at kmart. Decided I liked golfing enough to step up to Adams GT2 irons. Became totally obsessed and bought TM RAC OS2. Then decided to put together a set of Maltby M-05's. Latest aquistion is a set of BH Apex Edge from ebay. That's 5 sets in a little under 2 years. I have sold the Ram and Adams irons. Can't really see selling any of the other sets as they all have a purpose in my plan to master golf. I also can't see buying another set anytime soon.
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