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  1. Costco Kirkland balls have to be the best value anywhere. Just a little over $1 a ball and it's a good ball.
  2. Bryson has gone farther than I ever thought he would with LD competition. Basically he made another cut.
  3. This is it. I would guess that if Bryson wasn't competing there wouldn't be a thread. This is the only LD event I've ever watched for more than a few minutes.
  4. Callaway MD CB 54* wedge. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to get one. It wasn't. 14* of bounce is insane for me. Keeping it for now with the hopes it will work for sloppy winter golf fairways.
  5. Sorry, tldr past the second page. Did anyone mention Luke Donald? He had a moment in time where everything seemed to go exactly where he wanted it to go. In no way am I saying he was the best but he did have quite a streak of great ball striking.
  6. Maybe they can hire a professional producer now, or at least a back up for when the person generating graphics and scores goes to the bathroom.
  7. I had to look it up on youtube. The official website didn't have a livestream link even though they said they had one. That might be a small part of the reduced viewership. Also, it was during the middle of the day on a Tuesday. It all adds up to "not much interest" if people have to think about how to watch vs just selecting a channel.
  8. 391 isn't too shabby. Or maybe it's shabby, I'm not really into LD.
  9. Just got an email for a FREE* driver from Patriot Golf. The fact that I have to call sets off the alarm bells, so does the * after free*. Pretty sure I'm passing on this. I'm bumping the thread just to see if a mass emailing went out to WRX members. Please post if you recently got this "offer". Signed, Skeptical
  10. Bryson's group starts at 12PDT. I'm kinda interested in seeing what happens.
  11. I'd seek out a Hand Surgeon to properly evaluate it. Get a referral if you have to start the process with a PCP.
  12. I sure do wish the sound engineer or whatever the title is would balance the background noise and announcers. Background noise is cranked way up.
  13. pgatour.com shows the same. FYI Bryson is now up by 2. Sergio missed a par putt.
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