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  1. i asked about buying single iron from them few months back and they told me "no can do". not sure what the reason is.
  2. how does ICON blade length and top line compare to some of the blades available today? particularly compared to honma rose proto, ping blueprint, wilson model blades, cobra mb.
  3. For sale are... 1. Ping ISI BeNi iron set 3-PW, S2, LW in Blue dot. Shaft is Z-Z65. Stands length from what I can tell. Matching serial number on all irons. Irons looks to be in mint condition. Not sure if they were refinished but I haven't played them since getting them couple years ago. Shaft bands are intact as well as loft stickers on the wedges. Grips are in mint condition as well. I'm not sure how to price this type of iron set given it's condition and age. Price: 2. Ping ISI BeNi SW in Blue dot. Shaft is Z-Z65. Standard length. Club is in great condition as shown in picture. Again I'm not sure how to price the wedge in this condition and age. Price: 3. Ping ISI BeNi 6 iron in Black dot. Shaft is Cushin Z-Z65. Standard length. In good condition. Price:
  4. Any information regarding when and with what Wilson will replace FG V6 irons?
  5. Correction. I guess it's KBS Tour V stiff shaft. Not really interested in trades at this time. Picked up a spare single 29* iron to try. It's very forgiving iron and feels great. Just can't justify having to sets of iron.
  6. For sale is Ben Hogan Ft. Worth 15 iron set and 48* TK wedge. Right handed. Standard LL. 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48. Shaft is KBS 105 S. Price $600.
  7. Do the dual cavity back irons play like true cavity back? I guess I want to know if long irons will be forgiving.
  8. [quote name='j_king' timestamp='1385566713' post='8215928'] [quote name='born4golf77' timestamp='1385566519' post='8215904'] [quote name='Wooderson' timestamp='1385564434' post='8215724'] Please tell me someone saved the pic? [/quote] Someone did. [/quote] Would that "someone" pm it or a link to me [/quote] Same here? pleaaaaase?
  9. dhl28

    Ping ISIs

    Gaming them now. Forgiving and looks like nothing else.
  10. Go back to classic Ping finish and look. Ie: no ferrule, non-plated finish like i3 and i5.
  11. S57, S56, and i20 are chrome plated over stainless steel. I guess this the reason they show more wear than previous irons. As for G25... maybe it's the darker finish that shows more wear.
  12. As long as you specify swingweight on the repair sheet, they shouldn't have problem matching swingweight on your irons or wedges. However I was told a few times that they cannot go over swingweight of D3 for standard length irons because it will make the club unbalanced. Probably not true for wedges as I ordered my wedges at D6.
  13. Bridgestone J33P is another option. Great head if you have good enough swing.
  14. I think Ping stopped refurbishing woods.
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