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  1. Selling a few shafts today and an awesome pair of shoes. Fujikura Ventus Red W/Velocore 5S, shaft weight is 58g, Callaway adaptor and measures juts a hair under 44.5”, plays at juts a hair under 45.5” $OLD Fujikura Mortore X F3 6S, Callaway adaptor, measures at 44.75”, plays at 45.75”. $125 Project X Even Flow Riptide 5s, Callaway Aadaptor, 44.5”, plays at 45.5”. $OLD Jordan XI’s, White/Gum 10.5, used for 3 rounds, shoes are in excellent condition. $300
  2. Hell no, there is absolutely no excuse. Now if he has communicated that he had shipped, showed tracking and it's the standard USPS delays, then yes, but this is not that case.
  3. Falcon Dunes this morning. It's in good shape for summer conditions. A few burnt spots on the greens, some browning fairways but it's in over all very good shape. Greens are very receptive right now and rolling true at a decent pace. Tee'd off at 9, got around in 320.
  4. Rock Bottom Golf is having a 20% off sale, they tend to have some restrictions during their sales but I'm sure you can find a few.
  5. Have you had any luck getting on? I heard covid put an end to outside play last year.
  6. Just a heads up, you have the irons listed as g425 irons, your pictures are g410 irons.
  7. Ping Hoofer Stand Bag - New York Golf Center (nygolfcenter.com) They don't show the actual picture of the bag. I'm sure they will confirm it's the USA Bag if you call. I bought a hoofer tour from them last year, they are legit as they come.
  8. Check their site every few days or so, it comes in and out of stock.
  9. Check out the above few posts. It has been on the PING website for the last couple of months, in and out of stock. Currently there is a Hoofer lite version in stock.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty random how they come and go.
  11. You can get them via Ping website. The USA Hoofers go in and out of stock all the time. Currently they have the USA version in stock for the Hoofer Lite.
  12. Yeah, he called the course directly, it is what it is, oh well. Woof, Stonecreek is a mess too, especially during monsoon season.
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