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  1. Complete opposite thoughts for me, obviously looks are all subjective. The new version has a slightly thicker top line, but it is minimal to me. Overall the iron looks so much better, I really think TM improved in terms of looks. The lines seem to be sharper and the contrast with the dull and glossy really looks much cleaner. Again, looks are subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not knocking your thoughts on it, juts sharing mine. Either way the iron flat out performs and is a winner!
  2. No idea when they are coming out but I saw a rep with one of the 2022 Hoofer versions at a retail shop the other day. It was an all tropical floral design like the 2021 hoofer lite, but all floral and no other color. It had a leather badge on it, it looked like one of the old school hoofer bags. I would rock it in a heart beat.
  3. That’s a really nice comparison by Crossfield. Those 3 heads are very similar in performance, nearly identical.
  4. I have about a half dozen rounds in with the irons so far, absolutely love them, I didn’t think anything would be able to sideline my i210’s but these have so far. Solid launch(penetrating mid/high), great distance, stop on a dime, feel and sound great. I do have a quick question for others that have played the irons, has anyone noticed shots just off the center, towards the heel seem to fly a little further? I’ve had what would be considered, 2 “flyers”. One with a 9 and one with a 7 that easily went 20 yards long off the tee. I noticed it with the 9 first, never thought twice about it until I had another par 3 tee shot with the 7 and had the same result from the same strike location. I’m guessing it’s due to them being teed up and feeling more comfortable swinging at it(going after it instead of clubbing up). Just curious on others thoughts.
  5. Great retailer to do business with!
  6. Played a couple gems this weekend. Southern Dunes yesterday, nearly perfect conditioning other than a few wet spots throughout the course, most of the fairways were firm throughout. Greens were in awesome shape, fast and true. Blackstone CC today, greens were so fast, just in great shape all the way around, majority of the course is playing very firm and fast.
  7. Criticism is always welcome, it's when others can't accept someone else's experience is when it becomes odd. I will repeat what I had said and what was my exact experience. If I were to put these irons in the bag it wouldn't be for distance, it would be for it's consistency. No one said power spec lofts will add 15 yards. I said it could help bridge that distance gap between the i210 and i59. I also use the power spec lofts in order to help bring the flight down as I get the ball up in the air a bit too high at times. Every other manufacturer adjust lofts to a customers specs as well, so I'm not sure what your point is about strengthening lofts and it's "potential issues". I have no brand loyalty when it comes to equipment, I play a pretty mixed bag and tinker a lot. I just find it funny, regardless of brand when someone that didn't have a good experience with the iron has to repeatedly go on about it. People get it, it didn't work for you, but it's no reason to dismiss someone else's experience.
  8. I’m not looking to make up for 15 yards, but power spec would help “close the gap”. For me power spec is about lowering the flight as well. I hit the ball high and it just helps bring that down a little. If I put the i59’s in the bag it would be all about shot control and shape. After all it’s a players iron, not a distance iron.
  9. To me, they were just as forgiving as the i210's in the sim. When I was able to hit them on real grass as you did I was very satisfied with the results. They were just as forgiving as the i210's, so for me, it's not the end of the story. I would recommend someone do side by side comparisons and see the results for themselves as well. What works for one person may not work for another, you just have to test an iron for yourself. My ball striking has improved drastically over the last 6 months, but I still tested the face of the irons and loved the dispersion results I had. Biggest difference I noticed is the distance, my 210's are longer, I have them power spec'd, it's close to a 15 yard difference. If I were to play a set of i59's I'd like to try and power spec them.
  10. I’d compare the new DG105 vss to something like the Modus Tour 105’s, very smooth throughout. If you’re a 6.0 in an LZ and thinking about the DG 105’s you may want to go X. When I played the LZ’s I had them in 5.5, I actually found them pretty smooth through the swing and not to stiff in the butt or tip section. The DG105’s are listed as medium flight and spin, for me they have a high flight and plenty of spin. My i210’s have the DG120’s and they are defiantly lower launching.
  11. I’ve never seen them wrapped in plastic. Screams fake.
  12. Most of the manufactures are still having this issue, not just Ping. Srixon is finally catching up to certain clubs that they have had inventory issues with, just depends on what you are ordering. TM, Callaway and Titleist still experiencing the same. I saw on one of the TM threads that there are guys that have been waiting 3-4 months as well with no definitive answer either.
  13. Glad you got them, I'm 4 rounds in and absolutely love them. I am really liking the DS 105 w/vss, just a super smooth shaft to swing.
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