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  1. If you guys agreed to an offer, and you sent funds first you are in the right. If you sent funds first and he took a higher offer after the fact he’s a Grade A Turd. If you waited too long and someone sent the money before you regardless of the price, it is what it is. First to pay gets the item.
  2. Sun City West Grandview today. Went off at 0900 and no rain, rained out by the 6th hole. Apparently SCW has a no rain check policy so that sucked. Anytime I've been rained out before the turn on any other course I have been given a rain check or voucher. Pretty crappy customer service in my opinion, at least the way the guy in the pro shop handled it, or didn't handle it. Other than the lack of customer service the course was in good shape, bunkers were nice, greens were really smooth but on the slower side. Fairways and tees were great.
  3. I wish people would stop using the term “mint”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mint_condition
  4. Come on man. Look at your photos and look at his. Either you took the pictures with a flip phone from 1999 or you intentionally hid or used the lighting to make it look better. Either way your actual description was not even close to truthful.
  5. Just ignore puttnforthe8. Most people aren’t so negative around here, and most understand others opinions without having to sound like such a curmudgeon.
  6. Falcon Dunes was in really good shape. Greens were rolling very well. Just like the above it must have been "Greenskeeper" revenge day. Some of the most ridiculous locations I have ever seen out there. Pace of Play was perfect, 3:30 teeing off right around 1030.
  7. Wish they were 150g and 8.0 flex, I'd be all over it, just a little too whippy for me.
  8. Obviously a more compact head, feeling wise they couldn't be much more different. The FIT face is incredibly soft, the tyne is firm but not overly firm/hard. I have gamed the Inovai since its release in 2019, it's such a solid putter, great in mid to short putts, just super easy to align. For what ever reason the Tyne on long putts and distance control is amazing. Not sure if it's a honey moon phase but it has replaced the Inovai in the bag for the time being. One 3 putt in 3 rounds is hard to argue with. I'll be getting another round in this Sunday so hopefully it will continue.
  9. Here’s a visual of the PLD Tyne 4, compared to my single bend Bettinardi’s with “slight” toe hang.
  10. Solid Price on the Betti, right at retail, probably less when you take taxes into account! Will be a good pickup for someone!
  11. Agree, I have not seen any major delays out of Arizona.
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