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  1. Sun City West Grandview today. Went off at 0900 and no rain, rained out by the 6th hole. Apparently SCW has a no rain check policy so that sucked. Anytime I've been rained out before the turn on any other course I have been given a rain check or voucher. Pretty crappy customer service in my opinion, at least the way the guy in the pro shop handled it, or didn't handle it. Other than the lack of customer service the course was in good shape, bunkers were nice, greens were really smooth but on the slower side. Fairways and tees were great.
  2. I wish people would stop using the term “mint”. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mint_condition
  3. Come on man. Look at your photos and look at his. Either you took the pictures with a flip phone from 1999 or you intentionally hid or used the lighting to make it look better. Either way your actual description was not even close to truthful.
  4. Just ignore puttnforthe8. Most people aren’t so negative around here, and most understand others opinions without having to sound like such a curmudgeon.
  5. Falcon Dunes was in really good shape. Greens were rolling very well. Just like the above it must have been "Greenskeeper" revenge day. Some of the most ridiculous locations I have ever seen out there. Pace of Play was perfect, 3:30 teeing off right around 1030.
  6. Wish they were 150g and 8.0 flex, I'd be all over it, just a little too whippy for me.
  7. Obviously a more compact head, feeling wise they couldn't be much more different. The FIT face is incredibly soft, the tyne is firm but not overly firm/hard. I have gamed the Inovai since its release in 2019, it's such a solid putter, great in mid to short putts, just super easy to align. For what ever reason the Tyne on long putts and distance control is amazing. Not sure if it's a honey moon phase but it has replaced the Inovai in the bag for the time being. One 3 putt in 3 rounds is hard to argue with. I'll be getting another round in this Sunday so hopefully it will continue.
  8. Here’s a visual of the PLD Tyne 4, compared to my single bend Bettinardi’s with “slight” toe hang.
  9. Solid Price on the Betti, right at retail, probably less when you take taxes into account! Will be a good pickup for someone!
  10. Agree, I have not seen any major delays out of Arizona.
  11. Are you new to golf Marketing? I kid, I kid. The big boys like Callaway, Taylormade Cobra, PXG, etc. etc. have been at it forever now. Even Ping is getting in on the action in terms of marketing jargon, Spinsistency??? Come on.....
  12. 1. City and State? Peoria Az 2. Handicap? 11 3. What ZX iron set do you want to test? ZX5 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes!! Live in Sunny Az 4. Current Iron setup? Ping i210 4-PW, KBS Tour 105 S Shafts 5. What is the most exciting thing about the ZX irons? I played the 585’s for a year, I would love to see the new version with Srixon’s amazing forged feel that they are known for, and the forgiveness the 5 series offers. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Wit
  13. Arrowhead CC rates are going to increase soon, letters were sent to membership. I’m unsure exactly how much but probably a significant amount if I had to guess. They are buying out or already bought out Legend of Arrowhead and that is going private as well and there will be 2 courses under the same umbrella. I can’t even begin to think of how much money they are going to have to sink into Legend in order to make it even halfway decent.
  14. You won’t be disappointed. I’ve played 3 rounds and have only 3 putted once, which is huge for me. The distance control I have with this putter is soooo good. That’s my biggest reason for 3 putting is distance control. This just works for my putting stroke.
  15. Here’s an image to compare at address. Here is Newton’s Demo Video.
  16. Hit a 7 iron today at the PGA Superstore. I was surprised on how good they look for a G series iron, most are big old shovels and these are anything but. They are about the same profile as the i210, obviously more offset and they are longer heel to toe but surprisingly compact as well. First impressions, they are stupid long and high launching. Spin was on the lower end compared to the i210 but with the higher launch and good decent angle I don't think there would be any issue stopping the ball. Sound was very clicky on miss hit's but when centered sounde
  17. Because I’m a train wreck for a golf club ho and an endless tinkerer.
  18. Selling a used but excellent shape G425 Max Driver. Have a Ping Tour 65g S shaft that plays at 45.25”. $OLD Other shaft option is a Fujikura Motore X F3 60g Stiff shaft that plays at 45.75”. $600 for that shaft and head combo. FedEx will be used and shipping is included. Please PM for any questions.
  19. Nope, nothing personal taken here, not sure where you got that from, just having a conversation. In very first sentence I lumped all the big manufactures and their fitters in the same category, marketing BS.
  20. All of the manufacturers/fitters boast about their product. Rocketballzier, 20 yards longer, max speed, epic, no one makes clubs like we do, period...blah blah blah, it's all the same. I agree as well, most golfers don't want a 7 iron spinning so low, but it's one fitters/persons numbers. First numbers that I've seen anywhere actually so I will reserve judgement and everyone else should as well unless you actually test them yourself. Or at least get a wider range of results from more people. We would be ignorant to think that 1 persons numbers are the end all be all, you, I and ev
  21. Copper Canyon is a solid course with 27 holes of golf, it's just a drive that's all. Longbow is another excellent course, and on the opposite end of the of the valley in comparison to Copper Canyon and is a drive as well. I would choose Copper Canyon then Longbow. Those would be my choices as a visitor. Love Aguila and Legacy as well so you really can't go wrong with any of the 4.
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