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  1. Those A10's look great. That was my first big boy set of irons years ago. GLWS
  2. Same here I needed it like I need another hole in my head but what can you do.
  3. Also between Dunedin and Bardmoor which one is better. Thanks. Chris
  4. So trying to get on at Innisbrook without staying there has proven to be way more elusive than I anticipated. I only have one day to play when in vacation down in the area on 10/11 and was hoping to maybe play Copperhead and Island but wow it is unexpectedly hard. I've tried boxgroove and that has been a waste or 49 bucks so far haha. Also unfortunately I'm a member at a public course and it doesn't have a true pro and the owner said the nicer courses normally laugh him out when trying to get tee times. So unless a small miracle happens in the next week I'll be playing Dunedin and maybe somewhere else, but there are just not that many good courses down there within reasonable distance of where we're staying. Thanks for listening to me rant. Haha
  5. This . I love mine. It has been the most consistently long and straight fairway wood I've ever hit. I've been looking for a backup for a long time and can't find one.
  6. I'm thinking of going down another rabbit hole of sorts. I'm also one length in my irons so I'm wondering has anyone had any experience with the autoflex iron shafts. I'm trying to decide between Paderson and the autoflex but cannot find any reviews about the iron shafts. Thanks Chris
  7. 214g mostly fade biased in the back, sorry for the long time to respond back
  8. Sooooo interesting change of events. We just sold our house, so as of this moment it looks like I'm going to try and play 36 at Innisbrook. So the copperhead course is the obvious must play. I'm wondering which of the other 3 would be a fun one to play as well. Thanks in advance everyone.
  9. I haven't weighed it yet I'll try to in the next few days and let you know.
  10. So I've went down this rabbit hole as well and have a 505 in a radspeed 9* with 4 g weight in the front and 2 in the back and I'm liking it a lot. I also got a fairway af and have it in an original one mini driver turned down to 9.5 with some lead tape on the back and it is an automatic fairway finder for me. Just like others have said experimenting to find what works seems to help the process along. I have a sim 8* coming Monday and a 505x to put in it to see if I can get the flight down but who knows.
  11. Personally I like Old Toccoa better. To me it is a more fun layout and unless they have upped their prices OTF is a better value. Don't get me wrong McLemore is nice and is succeeding at becoming this upper echelon type place but to me it's just not worth what they want to play it for what it is.
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