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  1. I got them a few years ago at a shop in knoxville that was closing down.
  2. Yeah he's 100 percent correct. I have them on my irons currently.
  3. Thanks Art. I'm gonna be on the north end and now kinda leaning toward trying to do BF dye and love the same day after looking at a few of the reviews at golf talk. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thanks dcbogeyman. I could not find or remember the name of that site from a few years ago. Thanks.
  5. I'm going to myrtle beach in a couple weeks and will get to play once maybe twice and was wondering what courses are in the best shape now. Was looking at Aberdeen or Barefoot Dye for one of the rounds. Thanks. Chris
  6. Great course. Played it back in mid June and was in great shape. If you play from the right tees it's a fun course to play. Alot of beautiful houses around there as well. Also in the middle of nowhere.
  7. I have a putter that I'm wanting to have the hosel changed to a plumber or slant neck. Does anyone know of any companies that may do customization like that. I had read that slighter and others don't do that anymore but didn't know if there was anyone out there that does that kind of work now. Thanks. Chris
  8. Me and one of my friends once we're playing and I went 40 on the front and he went 30 and I went 30 on the back and he went 40. Pretty crazy round overall both tied with 2 under 70.
  9. I was wondering if they made it to knoxville yet since u haven't been able to make it up there yet.
  10. Played there last fall and it was a fun course in very good shape. Absolutely agree.
  11. One of the bargin hunts near me had some nike vapor pro combos for the longest time that I'm betting got snatched up when they went to 50% off.
  12. Could someone add me to the facebook page it's under my wife's facebook since I don't have one. Initials mh
  13. I love golfwrx because it's nice to be able to talk golf with other like minded people who share an affinity for all things golf related.
  14. It was a no for me to. Sad sad day.
  15. It was in good shape the greens were firm and look like they had been punched around a month to a month and a half ago but have healed nicely. Overall the fairways were in good shape also. To me it was still overpriced though. Definitely not worth 70 but I guess it's a supply and demand type of thing cause from talking to the locals I played with it and windswept dunes are the best shape of public courses in the pcb area and the only ones in good shape. Hope this helps. Chris
  16. Thank you so much that helps narrow down the decision 100%. Holiday it is tomorrow. Chris
  17. Good morning wrx, I'm on vacation with my wife and her parents and am looking to play either hombre or holiday and was wondering which one was better. Thanks in advance. Chris
  18. I just got it to. Hopefully it will help my woeful driving that has been in a funk for 3 years. It's about to drive me crazy.
  19. I have a friend that is getting ready to join I'll let you know when u talk to Jim next.
  20. Played Sequoyah a few weeks ago 1 week after they had some snow and it was in good shape for the time of year. But 4 holes were closed due to snow still being on the greens because they were so shaded. Other than that it was my first time there and I enjoyed it.
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