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  1. I find that when I take the backswing all the way down the line, my body automatically transitions and starts the downswing. There’s some trigger that smooths out the downswing and swing. Why is that?
  2. If anyone has issues with over the top try to feel back to target and right shoulder/hip stays back while arms come down. Changed my game.
  3. So the rotational model requires the hips to open but the shoulder stay squared? That’s a tough move for most?
  4. How do you reconcile that with gankas model that says all rotation and pivot. Is there a release?
  5. I know this topic has been discussed so many times before. I took a few lessons from a gankas influenced instructor and we worked on more rotation but all I feel is I’m spinning left no release. Monte sometimes mentions “feel the back closed to target” and “get arms coming down faster” and I feel like this type of swing fits my stiff inflexible swing better. So which is it? Is a gankas swing not fit for me or am I missing something? Has anyone else dealt with this before?
  6. Yes I do think rotate body harder. I don’t think arms much. How do I avoid pulling the shaft? Is there a way to swing faster or am I swinging faster already with the smooth tempo?
  7. When I practice I just hit those 3 shots over and over with the sand wedge until I can visualize the flight and that’s how I get feel.
  8. I have 3 backswing distances for my chips, one is less than club parallel, parallel, and then past parallel. I normally use a sand wedge. It’s pretty hingy wristy and gets a good amount of spin. Foe bump and runs I usually use pw to a 9. Back of stance and putt. Take a foot back like I would for a 50 foot putt and then rock shoulders.
  9. The ball in between your arms drill. Or the band that wraps both biceps drill. Creates a forced one piece takeaway that doesn’t let you roll forearm
  10. Why is it when I try to swing more aggressively I shank it? I need to feel like I’m swinging with 10 percent effort to hit the ball flush.
  11. Is your driver fitted? I like to take slow practice swings with a mirror and see the swing arc. Specifically the impact zone. Is it level or more steep. I strive to have the club traveling on a mostly level plane through the impact zone. If my legs get quick I see the face is open. If my takeaway is bad, I start hitting the ground with my driver practice swing.
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