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  1. Callaway 9* Mavrik Max driver in excellent condition. No blemishes on the head at all. Club plays at a length of 44.75" and a swing weight of D1. Shaft is the stock PX Evenflow Riptide 51 gram, 5.5 freq (reg flex). Swing weight was adjusted for the shorter than standard length to the D1 swing weight with the addition of a heavier 6 gram weight vs the stock 4 gram (along with the stock 14 gram weight). I will supply the 4 gram with the driver. Grip is a new Jumbo Max Ultralite Medium. I will also send along a new GP CP2 Wrap standard size grip if you don't care for the Jumbo Max (or I could c
  2. Looking for a Ping G410 10.5* LST driver. R Flex shaft or head only. PM me or e-mail at [email protected]
  3. Simple really looking for a 5H Hybrid r flex. 24/25/26*? Pm me or e-mail at [email protected]
  4. Okay after the laughter dies down I'm looking for a 9 wood in r flex. PM me or e-mail at [email protected]
  5. The Top 100 guy i referred too is a one man operation who has a great resume and many postive reviews and a great following also. Trust me he is one of the best. And you are correct CC is listed on many Top 100 lists. So do your research before you spend your hard earned cash. I would recommend my guy to anyone without hesitation.
  6. Truth be told "most" golfers could get the same fit at any Top 100 fitting operation using a high quality launch monitor as they would at CC. And also get a build that would preform as well just getting a custom build from an OEM. And yes I know and have heard the horror stories about OEM builds. But I have had a few builds from a Top 100 builder and fitter that builds to finite quality that I would guarantee is more precise than anything coming out of CC (and who are these top clubmakers building your sticks at CC)? And I've also had numerous custom OEM products. In the end (at least in my
  7. Very clean set of Ping G410 irons in mint condition. Set consists of the 5 iron thru UW (7 irons). All Black Color Code, std lofts and lengths. Shafts are the steel Ping AWT 2.0's in R Flex. Grips are fresh JumboMax Medium Ultralites. If you haven't tried these grips for me they are a game changer. Obviously all serial numbers match. PM me or e-mail at [email protected]
  8. Look at the pervious generation of irons your interested in and save a few $. Iron design doesn't change much within a year or two model years. The difference between say Ping G410's and 425's or Mizuno 919's and 921's is negligible. It'll take some of the sting out of the enterprise.
  9. Wasn’t trying to bust your chops Pal. Just a clarification.
  10. I would agree with most of what Nessism said the Pings vs the Callys. I will however add that theres really not a lot of difference between the G410's and 425's (if you looking to save a bit of cash). LOL. He did however post a bit of disinformation regarding the Ping AWT shafts "The stock Callaway shafts are descending weight whereas the Ping's are constant weight." The stock Ping AWT 2.0's are ascending weight, hence the AWT designation. Meaning the shafts get a bit heavier in the shorter irons. They are not constant weights.
  11. Well if it was me I wouldn't put the $ into a reshaft. You'll take a hit selling but with the long delay for new product from Ping people are desperate and not very patient waiting for new clubs. I'd sell em and move on.
  12. Obvious question, were you fit indoors or out? I never been a fan of indoor fittings. Seeing actual ballflight is a huge part of any fitting IMHO. Hitting inside to out is a minimum bit more hitting off grass is even better as turf interaction plays a huge part of any iron fitting. Example; i've always struggled with Callaway irons as the sole designs just don't work for me. I do know the Ping 425's have a bit less offset than the Rouges.
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