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  1. Just ordered one of his "Fang" models. The wait begins.
  2. Any of the boutique makers doing #7 style milled heads?
  3. I wish I still had my set of Tourstage TS-202's (thats going back to the bombsquadgolf days LOL) that I played for a few years. One of the best set of irons I ever owned. I wish I could find a set in decent condition.
  4. Joined on 1/8 just to make this comment. LOL.
  5. This I know is a long shot however, has anyone seen a cart bag with a six way divider that is NOT a Staff bag? The problem of club tangle is an issue when using MidSize grips but It's gonna really be an issue since I've moved on to JumboMax Mediums. LOL. I like my Titleist stand bag that I use when traveling and I can put up with the issue for the short time when I'm in Fla but I need an alternative for when I'm home where I play most of the time. Yeah I know that a Staff bag would work but I really would like something a little less ostentatious.
  6. Just a heads up. If anyone is looking for the Ultralites in medium PGA Superstore has them.
  7. IMHO based on your swing speed and ball speed you are already pretty much maxed out and above what the numbers say you should be carrying the ball. You didn't mention smash factor but if your carrying the ball the distances showing you must be very efficient in the way you deliver the head to the ball. You MIGHT be able to gain a few yards tweaking what ball your using and lowering the loft of your head to somewhat reduce spin but I don't believe a shaft change is going to get you much more. YMMV.
  8. Tried search and just too many to go thru so quite simply are the backweights on the Callaway Mavrik fairways removable? Heat needed or just the same as the drivers?
  9. 1. TaylorMade 10.5* Sim Max driver in excellent used condition std length, shaft is the stock Blue Ventus 6R (R Flex). Grip is a fresh GP Tour Velvet Plus4 Midsize. Comes with the correct head cover and wrench. SOLD2. TaylorMade 18* Sim Max fairway wood. Also in excellent used condition. Std length. Shaft is the stock Blue Ventus 5R (R Flex). Grip is a fresh GP Tour Velvet Plus4 Midsize. Comes with the correct head cover. SOLD Not interested in trades. Reasonable offers accepted. PM me with interest.
  10. Besides the obvious response, getting fitted, I would suggest giving the Ping Tour 65 shaft a try. It will spin less than the Tensi and as a reasonably priced stock shaft it is a very good option. They can be had for a $100 or so. Or just pick up another Alta CB55 S take 3/4" off and add another weight to the head to bring the SW back up. Without being fitted you heading down the preverbal rabbit hole which can get expensive.
  11. With the ability to add weight to the driver heads with removable weights to facilitate shortening club lengths should not the shafts be tipped to accommodate the heavier head?
  12. Tour Velvet Plus 4's. No taper easy to choke down.
  13. At 72 and with my aches and pains I can't reach most five pars in two with a three wood anyway. I switched to a 18* Sim Max five wood (almost as long as my previous Epic three wood) and am much more consistent with it which breeds confidence that I can swing away. As an old friend who won our State Am five times, All American at NC and someone who had played in three US Opens told me a long time ago "count how many birdies you've made with your wedge vs your three wood". I've lived by that now for years and its born out to me at least to be true. YNNV.
  14. You can pick up a used one for under $100. Don't knock Callaway for not warranting a 8 year old fairway wood. I think Callaway has proven over the years that their CS is one of the best in golf.
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