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  1. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Detroit, Mi (Royal Oak) 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? YES 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Definitely irons. I've never really don't an iron fitting before just drivers and wedges. Thinking of my play driving and wedge play have always been a strength. The weakest part of my game has always been GIR's due to poor iron play. I have zero confidence in that my current setup of ANY setup i've ben using is optimal for me. In sum really believe that that lack of confidence in my irons hurts my overall scoring.
  2. 1. Looking to move this putter for the only reason is I can't make a putt with it. LOL. So its 34" long at a lie angle of 70*. Toe hang is 3:30. Welded neck with a full shaft offset. SS and the head weight is 359 grams. KBS putter shaft. Putter is very much in the Justin Thomas style. Comes with a TM White Spider hc as he doesn't as of yet offer his own HC's. Seen very little use. Great workmanship just not for me. https://compassgolfco.com/ Sell for $350.00 PP'd and shipped in the CONUS. OBO. Local Pickup available at a discount. Trade interests for other "boutique" putters (Mills, Bettinardi etc). 2. Ping Tour 65 shaft in R Flex. Perfect condition. G410/425 adapter. Plays at the stock Ping length (45.25") in the G410/425 heads. SOLD
  3. Ping G410 LST 9* driver for sale. In excellent condition. Shafted with the Ping Tour 65 shaft (58 grams/mid launch). Standard length 45.25". Comes with the correct head cover and wrench. No trade interests. SOLD
  4. My immediate question when it comes to fittings is, were you fit indoors or outdoors, or hitting indoors to out? I'm not a fan of just fitting into a screen and trusting what the monitor is spitting out. IMHO you must be able to see actual ballflight and trajectory (along with the data from the launch monitor) to help determine a head and shaft combo that's right for the individual player. I would be very suspect of any fitting that's only offering you a selection of two shafts. Even if the shafts you were interested in were a bad fit you should be able to demo them and let the ballflight, trajectory and monitor data show the results.
  5. A shaft length of 44.25" results in a playing length of 45.25". Ping Alta 44.75" playing length of 45.75". So you get the idea.
  6. Simply what is the gram weight of a Ping G410/425 hosel adapter? Thanks
  7. Nothing but for the fact they launch a bit high. Just personal preference
  8. Just looking for another shaft option for my G410 LST in R flex. Currently using a Ping Tour 65 but looking for an alternative. Perhaps a little less demanding, lighter, whatever but not the Ping Alta CB's. Whats been working. LOL.
  9. Just looking for another shaft option for my G410 LST in R flex. Currently using a Ping Tour 65 but looking for an alternative. Perhaps a little less demanding, lighter, whatever but not the Ping Alta CB's. Whats been working. LOL.
  10. Clean set of Ping G410 irons. Set consists of the 5 iron thru UW. Standard lengths and lofts. Shafts are the stock Ping AWT steel shaft in R Flex. Black Color Code. Grips are fresh Jumbo Max Ultra Lites in medium. All serial numbers match. As stated in very good condition. SOLD 2. Callaway aftermarket weight kit. Weights fit all Epic and Mavrik woods. Total eight weights 3-2 gram,1 each 10,12,14,16,18 gram. SOLD
  11. What's the boards consensus in how to determine that an Iron shaft is too light? I've kind of went down the rabbit hole when looking at my iron game and thinking of reversing my decision (we've all been there haven't we)? My recent steel shafts have been Pro Modus 105's and Ping AWT's and I recently picked up a set of irons shafted with Ping's Alta CB Red AWT's. While the 72 gram Alta's do seem to generate a bit more distance the "feel" is definitely lacking along with a high ballflight. Dispersion is ok. Just seems that I have tendency to get quick with these shafts. In the case of these two steel shafts not much to chose as too distance and dispersion is about equal. However tempo seems better particularly in the short irons. Plus it seems a bit easier to flight the shorter irons when needed. The attempted move to graphite was due to age and old injuries and a slight loss of distance but I'm wondering if the trade off is worth it. Any input from the board would be appreciated.
  12. Callaway 9* Mavrik Max driver in excellent condition. No blemishes on the head at all. Club plays at a length of 44.75" and a swing weight of D1. Shaft is the stock PX Evenflow Riptide 51 gram, 5.5 freq (reg flex). Swing weight was adjusted for the shorter than standard length to the D1 swing weight with the addition of a heavier 6 gram weight vs the stock 4 gram (along with the stock 14 gram weight). I will supply the 4 gram with the driver. Grip is a new Jumbo Max Ultralite Medium. I will also send along a new GP CP2 Wrap standard size grip if you don't care for the Jumbo Max (or I could change it out for you also). Club comes with the correct head cover and the wrench. SOLD
  13. The Top 100 guy i referred too is a one man operation who has a great resume and many postive reviews and a great following also. Trust me he is one of the best. And you are correct CC is listed on many Top 100 lists. So do your research before you spend your hard earned cash. I would recommend my guy to anyone without hesitation.
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