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  1. Boyd blade and ferrule. Absolute high quality and look beautiful
  2. I have never heard good things from club champion, expect the margins they make on assembly and adjustments that are never done correctly. ALWAYS check specs once you get the clubs home
  3. Yes absolutely. I’d suggest another fresh layer of double sided
  4. So no reply from sunfish yet..? Is this a surprise?
  5. Wrist angles. Get the face under control and a lot of the other issues will fix themselves. Sequencing will improve and the need to early extend will disappear once the face is under control. Wrist angles are extremely important. Joesph Mayo and Jeff Smith will stress these issues regularly on their social media
  6. yes please. I have contacted sunfish with my ideas just waiting for a reply.I will post what that come up with.
  7. just had a look on their site.They look real sweet, big enough for a range finder? For $55 I would rather something a little better to be fair...
  8. I’m a member at Royal Wellington in NZ which has a rep for dress codes etc. I say UNTUCKED ALL THE WAY!! It’s 2018 and Golf and Golf style is changing, time to get up with the play Untucked is very common at our club now and it’s great. Always dress appropriately, I think untucked can look very tidy, smart/ casual look. I don’t mind tucking and have a collection of belts I like to wear but still, something about being untucked that’s refreshing. Keep it up I say.. Adidas have the odd shirt that look good out and so do ping. You will need to be very picky.
  9. Does anyone rock a “custom” pouch? Has anyone else considered designing/ making a sweet pouch? I have messaged sunfish and they are going to send me some ideas, would anyone be interested in something like this? Pictures of you have any please..
  10. Oh titleist people go all matching. They are a weird bunch... Super boring too...
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