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  1. Wow i didnt know that and i always loved the 16 apex pros.
  2. Wow, they look great. 5i and Apex utility will be in my bag this summer for sure lolol
  3. Apex pro 19 are my fav but i do like the new 21 line and it appears there is a lot more to come so i would wait.
  4. Loved the Nike faiways. Rocked a VR Pro for a few years with the project x blue. My buddy said it was made for me and that the lighter shafts on the fairways help.
  5. If i had to get a divorce from my TS2, i would prob go; PING G410 OR TAYLORMADE SIM. 3 WOOD head with 5 WOOD shaft. 42.5" on a fairways seems to be my sweet spot.
  6. Fairway, Hybrid, Udi and 5i the best of all worlds. Fairway is 3 wood loft with 4 wood shaft in it. Im only 5'-7" tall and @ 42.5" the fairway sits square and confident. I love the taylormade woods but a lot of them start at 59.0* degree of lie angle and that sends up and left. I think the m5 wood started at 56.0* but nearly as much as a driver cost.
  7. I use 4i & 5i super game improvement replacement. Dont even care about the gapping, i enjoy a worry free trigger with these. I think the key is in the shaft as always. Mine have the lighter project x 95 6.0 anything i need i can manufacture draw fade low and high. A NO BRAINER for me. I had the 6i also but it did feel like cheating if that makes any sense.
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