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  1. My favorite iron shafts ever are Modus 130/Tour V- basically the exact same profile- stiff butt, very stiff mid, medium-soft tip. Those are followed by Modus 105- really like those as well. I absolutely dislike Modus 120 and PX LZ- Dispersion is all over the place. Maybe just throw a Modus 105 in your utility iron. I have Modus 105 in my Utility iron and Modus 130 in my 5-52* Wedge and find they pair well together.
  2. Not Cota, but this is correct. Adapter tip to grip butt of 44” plays 45” in the TSi3.
  3. Loving the XC in my TSi3. It is the updated BB, though. Almost exact same EI curve with the updated materials.
  4. +4 Driver Weight- I believe it’s the blue color code. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  5. I much prefer the VR to the IZ. To me, the IZ felt a little lifeless with a bit more of a linear load. The VR feels a touch stiffer, albeit livelier at the same time. I found the VR to launch a little lower, with a flatter flight as well. Hope this helps.
  6. The XC is definitely the closest shaft to the WB- it’s pretty darn butt soft, fairly stiff in the middle, and tip stiff. Great shaft.
  7. Love the deeeeeep face on the driver. The two tone is weird, but is it really that different than the two tone and neon blue back flange of the Sim2 (thing looks crazy), whatever Cobra ever throws out, the Ping drivers which always look like they have a case of the mumps and a rash, or the ridiculous stock color schemes of the Callaway woods (so you have to customize your colors for an extra hundy to have a good looking driver). The only putter I like is the Bat Attack, but I always like those. I have one of the Extreme Darkness limited edition Bat Attack.
  8. Yep. Titleist is good about trying to accommodate SW requests. I requested my TSi3 to be in the D3-D4 range at 45” (.5in below standard) and it came in at a hair above D3 with the +2g weight in the back. Now, it may be harder if you are requesting 44.5” and using a counterbalanced shaft. I find Ping heads are good at short lengths with CBed shafts, because the heads generally weigh a lot.
  9. What were the spin windows for the TSi3 and Max LS? The TSi3 is pretty darn low spin for me. I’ve watched a few online reviews of the Max LS and the couple I watched the spin numbers were pretty high- 2500-3000. It goes to show that everybody needs to get out and hit everything themselves.
  10. Your best option is likely Titleist, maybe Ping, imo. Everything I’ve got from Titleist has been pretty spot on for Swingweight.
  11. I kept it- it’s not going anywhere! That is my shaft of choice in the EFTD. It’s definitely one of my favorite shafts ever- absolutely the best counterbalanced I’ve used.
  12. No doubt. It’s going to be hard to set up to something else after looking at the TSi3 for a few months. TSi3 looks fantastic from all angles.
  13. I haven’t hit the Max LS yet. I love my Epic Flash TD also. I actually owned and played a Mavrik TD along with my EF TD this past season. I ended up selling my Mav TD. It sounded and felt better than my EF TD and was maybe a little more forgiving, but the EF TD was an easy 10-15 yds longer. No idea why- lower spin maybe. I’ll probably wait and pick up a TD version if they decide to release it later on. Regardless, I’m loving my TSi3 right now- best looking driver on market right now (imo) and a total beast.
  14. Agree. I don’t recall what they said about the mavrik TD, but when the photos came out, it looked nothing like the TD. I’m sitting here looking at my Epic Flash TD (already sold my Mavrik TD) and the pictures online of the Max LS, look very similar. The face shape looks virtually the same, and it has that triangular shape that the TDs have. Regardless, if I buy a Callaway driver this year, I’ll just wait until they release the TD to the public, haha. I do agree that Callaway always has way to many variations and models.
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