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  1. I went with Apex 21 over 790 and T200. Loved the looks of the T100, but didn’t like the new T200 looks. I already have a set of older T100S, and was committed to going with a more forgiving iron. I didn’t want to wait out what was going to be a super long delay with anything associated with 790. I really liked the Apex looks and feel, plus numbers were great. Moreover, when I ordered they had the exact shaft I wanted in stock- DG 120 Tour Issue S400. I got them in 2-3 weeks. 4 rounds in and no regrets. They are fantastic- throwing darts!
  2. Definitely supply issues. I ordered DG 120 tour issue s400 shafts when they were available. I was curious about how fast stuff was moving, so I constructed the clubs again on the Cally website 4 days after I ordered and they weren’t an option anymore. Callaway typically has the best options on iron shafts, and none are up charges like you find with Titleist, TM, etc….
  3. How were the spin rates between the two LS heads? Max LS just a lot more forgiving than TD LS?
  4. How did you like the 120 TI S400 in your sig. I’m looking at those possibly as my next shaft
  5. I love the looks. Already have a set of the of t100-s. Would like to add the new t200 for more forgiveness, but the plastic/polymer back piece worries me a bit- I can picture those things getting loose and coming off. The T100 are money looking, imo.
  6. My Favorite CB shaft of all time is the Aldila XTorsion Copperhead in 60TX. Current shaft is Evenflow riptide CB- pretty good as well. I like Rogue Black as well- for some reason I see a touch more spin with it.
  7. I actually like the sound of the TSi3 better. The 2 sounds fine-just a little louder. For some reason, I just seem to center the TSi2 more frequently and it’s easier on mishits.
  8. I have it in play. I really like it. I hit just about the same launch and spin window as my TSi3 9* and it’s more forgiving, imo. I ended up selling my TSi3 head.
  9. I see OJ is wearing his lucky stabbing hat...
  10. I know it’s his way to pump himself up, but he still comes off like an azzhat- just like Reed.
  11. Yep... Dude is a great golfer, but a sore loser. Overplays his “me against the world shtick” to douchebag levels.
  12. Brooks is going to win. I just see Phil putting to much pressure on himself (like trying to win the US Open), and doing Phil things. Brooks is just going to go into Cyborg mode. I just hope it’s entertaining.
  13. Louis looks like me on the greens today- hot garbage.
  14. I hope not. He’s a clutch guy in the Majors, but has a lot of ugly hats (he must get a lot of free bowls of soup) and comes off like a douchebag in interviews.
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