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  1. Just like with any new club tech release (jailbreak, turbulators, etc…)….
  2. You have found the unicorn, until you need to find the unicorn again…
  3. When my wife decided to set up a game of Jenga with all the old golf club boxes in our garage… But that lasted for a short time and we realized we needed more pieces/boxes, so I resumed buying clubs.
  4. Absolutely. I’m like a Crossfield equipment hedge fund.
  5. Seeing Crossfield’s review makes me more interested in the Stealth. My gameplan is to go all in on equipment he pans. It always works out for me.
  6. In theory that would seem to work. I have a Titleist TSi set up I tried this with. I went 8* Tsi2 head and sold the TSi3 9* head I was using. I feel like I ended up getting around the same launch/spin/forgiveness from both set ups. I kind of regret it, because I don’t think the tsi2 feels or sounds as good as the 3.
  7. I am in the preorder. First TM driver since owning an army of M2 driver heads…
  8. They aren’t made for. The kaili and the Hzrdus Red RDX are both on their manufacturers website as legit shafts with the same specs as they are on the TM website. The only “made for” TM is involved with right now is the non velocore Ventus shafts they have as an option.
  9. Out of those other shafts, which ones did you like in the stealth +. I’m looking at Ventus blue velo, tour Ad XC, or the kaili? How was the new Kaili, feel and number wise? Thanks.
  10. Honestly, just recalling a thread or two where a few people were complaining. I only had first hand issues with the p770 rollout- initial date for me was Sept 3 or something and ended up getting pushed until after Tgiving, so I cancelled. Hopefully, this one goes well. I think the Stealth looks good- face and all. I can’t wait to see all the online reviews with numbers, etc…
  11. I think you are taking a chance at a long backlog ordering anything from TM now. People still waiting on 790 preorders made last summer. To be fair, lots of manufacturers are having problems, but It’s been my experience that TM has been the worst.
  12. 2020 T100 5-G (48*) purchased in oct 2020. Minimal use. Been in back up bag since Spring 2021. Standard impact marks on face and bag chatter. Modus 130S ssx1. Spec sheet pictured. $775/Obo No Trades, please. Epic Flash SZ Triple Diamond 10.5* w smoke black RDX 6.5 plays 45” . In very good shape. Standard impact marks on face and brushing on sole. Crown is good- a little smudge mark out on toe, can’t be seen from address. Comes with Epic flash headcover. $275/OBO.
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