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  1. Sorry all for the delay in my response Tour 360 Primeknit in both spiked and Traxion. More Code Chaos colour ways and a couple more new models Refresh on the clothing range with some lovely Cold.Rdy pieces
  2. > @TheMackDaddy said: > Sizing question: if I’m an xxl in Galvin Green, what size should I buy in Kjus? Looking to up my rain gear collection I would say Kjus and GG are similar in sizing
  3. @SlyBrigade mainly blacks, whites and greys with spashes of colour. There will be the usual limited editions but I haven’t seen them
  4. There will be the adiPure spikeless and the adiCross Bounce 2’s are already out. Tour 360’s of course as well as updated version of Traxion and Tech Response. New adiCross Retro, SG2 and Crossknit DPR. The photo I posted is the Chaos which will also have a Sport version and a Bootie Boa version all with new sole pattern. The Boa booties are very nice
  5. Some interesting shoes coming to say the least, leaving the Oregon boys firmly stuck in the orthopaedic world ? Sneak preview
  6. adidas shoes still leaving all the others in their wake
  7. That criquet range is so Ashworth 2001 Each to their own I suppose but for me, even though I’m an old geezer
  8. Everyone’s feet are different, but for me anything with Boost in the midsole. Tour 360 Boost best shoe out there just now by a long way, all in my opinion of course
  9. Found this on a UK golf retailer website: “The adidas Ultimate Frostguard Thermal Pants are part of the 'Tour' clothing range from adidas Golf, using leading garment technologies that fulfill the needs of the world's leading golfers. Made from 52% nylon, 39% polyester and 9% elastane, the Frostguard Thermal Pants is designed to offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement with a stretch fabric design. Featuring a stretch waistband for mobility and comfort, with a silicone printed gripper to help keep your shirt tucked in during play. The wind and water resistant fabric provides maximum pr
  10. I've got that UA one in the rhino gray. It's good, and is very warm. But still nothing compared to the PING Norse. PING Norse continues to amaze me. It's the only jacket of any kind that has ever kept me warm, and in nothing but it and a short sleeve polo underneath. I'm a person that's so cold natured that I legitimately have goose bumps on my legs and arms at temps of 70* and below (I swear I'm part lizard...I run my shower water at 130* measured at the shower head, and that's not hot enough for me), and the Norse is like being wrapped inside a big heated quilt, yet is light as a feathe
  11. Great trousers for winter golf! Water resistant which means I don’t need to wear my waterproof trousers 95% of the time. Easy to wash, dry quickly and no need to iron. If it’s really, really cold and below 5 degrees C, I wear a pair of leggings underneath I have several pairs and prefer the tapered fit over the regular fit
  12. Not to jump into the conversation, but I've had this Climaheat Prime jacket the past 2 years and it's great for me in the temp range you mentioned. Warm (more than my RLX mentioned previously) but without the bulk, and most importantly for me the sleeves have a lot of stretch to them. I'm a big fan. I have this and the all black one and the black vest! Really good jackets
  13. Wore the Ping Norse Zoned today, 9 degrees, light wind and occasional flurry of rain. Kept me warm and dry over my Mizuno baselayer, great jacket
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