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  1. For sale or trade today: 1) Adams 9064 ls driver head. 9.5. Few scratches on the face and marks near the crown. Check pics and message me for more if needed. Tried to capture the worst of it. Headcover included, but is not in great shape. Shipped to CONUS only. $50 for this old-school bomber. 2) Bridgestone J715 B3 9.5 with 2 and 8 gram weights. Adapter included. Small nick on top captured by pic. Bottom has scratches. Face is clean. Headcover included and in very nice condition. Shipped to CONUS only. $65 for this fairway finder. 3) Srixon Z F85 fairway. 15 degree. All stock specs
  2. Recently lost a golf buddy in an auto accident. Sent this pic over to Sunfish Golf and they made this custom, copper marker that is worth every penny. Highly Recommend!
  3. Not only is this hilarious, but it so very true. Run
  4. For sale or trade today: 1) Wilson D7 driver head. 9.0 degrees. Purchased brand new. Experimented and moving on. Had lead tape on the bottom and think I got most of it, but just in case it arrives with any residue, that is what it is. Small blemish on top captured in pic. Headcover included $100 shipped to CONUS. 2) Bridgestone J715 B3 driver head. 9.5 degrees. Purchased used, tried it for a bit and here we are. Very nice condition on face and crown. Bottom has good amount of wear. Headcover and adapter included. $75 shipped to CONUS. 3) Bridgestone Tour B XD-H 3
  5. For sale: 1) Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9.0 Head only. Major blemish on crown. Picked this up for my kid, but he’s as picky as his Dad... This had a big paint chip/flake when I got it and I filled it with a paint pen. Sole and face are good. Check crown in pics. I tried my best to capture the paint “crater” - it’s ugly but only cosmetic. Comes with brand new Headcover. No wrench or adapter. $50 shipped to CONUS. SOLD 2) Bridgestone J715 B3 9.5 Head only. Very nice condition. Small blemish where face meets crown, face is very nice, sole shows lots of wear. Comes with adapter and Wilso
  6. One of my all-time favorite sets. Someone will be very happy with those! GLWS
  7. Up for sale is a set of brand new, C-Tapers in 120 Stiff Flex. 4–P, with brand new Golf Pride 360 grey grips. I purchased these here on the BST from a member that has his own shop. I decided against installing them in my irons, so here we are. The set was intended for a 4-P set up and the lengths are listed in the pic below. Measured from tip to butt end of grip. this is a $300 setup. Looking for $175 shipped PM me with any questions
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