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  1. A butt CANNOT come off the bench or the lift is considered missed. We arch. The butt must be in contact with the bench through the entire lift. There are no powerlifters that have their butt come off the bench. It’s also incredibly dangerous to do with real weight.
  2. Long overdue. Make it official for both tours, not like the old silly season event where they had a PGA, LPGA, and "Senior" player on each team.
  3. You meant, body fat, not BMI. Brooks' BF is in the 20's for sure and more towards the higher 20's. Nice total weight. When I say average, I mean average in terms of someone who claims they train. Brooks is a guy, who if I saw in a gym, is someone who trains a couple times a week, max, focuses on a very minimal set of movements, and makes little to no progression over the years.
  4. When I was at my strongest, I was never a high rep bencher above 200lbs. It's just how it is. Tried multiple ways to to consistently get more than six reps with anything 225lbs and above. My bench max, which has always been the weakest of the big three, was 317lbs. That's with a max rep of six reps at two plates.
  5. Repetition strong. It doesn't necessarily translate to limit strength. And I bet he's never tested his limit strength. He's the type of guy who's routine doesn't vary from the 10-12 rep range.
  6. Depends on where the softness is. It could be because of not hitting a certain area. It could be from poor form that is missing the area, as described in my last post about Brucey. It could be genetics. It could be just half assing in the gym. It could be a bunch of different things. But a shoulder press will NOT address much of a chest "softness."
  7. His a** coming off the bench when he's failing is absolute trash. The stroke has to be VERY high towards his neck due to his delts being more developed than his chest which has none. He's all shoulders and tris, and dudebroing it to get the last reps up.
  8. His repetition bench is strong because that's all he does in addition to "arms." He's said as much. When someone is asked, 'What's your favorite exercise,' and the person responds with 'Upper body day,' you know exactly what type of trainer they are. Also, his bench form is absolute trash.
  9. Nonsense. He's a guy who hits his biceps more than any other body part, and he still looks generic AF. He's an average dude bro. Nis shoulders are a result of his bench form.
  10. This isn't average? This is as generic as one can get body wise. He looks like a guy who goes to the gym once or twice a week. He's an incredibly average guy who wears a shirt a bit too small for him. He's generic.
  11. I've seen them all. Stood right next to them all, except new Bryson. They are nothing but average, except for Stallings who has definitely leaned out nicely, and has the best "fit" body on tour, by far, but he's not "Big." He's more fit than probably everyone on tour, definitely.
  12. Bryson put on fat, for sure, which is normal when trying to gain as much mass a** possible in a short period of time, but he also did put on appreciable muscle.
  13. You are either trolling, or completely delusional. Which is it? 6'1" 205lbs 5'10" 202lbs 5'10" 185lbs Brooks Koepka
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