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  1. Sergio's pants alone deserved those seven strokes.
  2. Not necessarily. He could be someone who, if he worked on his game more, his game would suffer. He could get too technical and lose all his touch.
  3. It looks like a boring, gimmicked up course. Nicklaus is a terribly overrated course designer, and this seems to be one of his worst.
  4. I've played on courts that didn't have a backboard. You should try it and see how off your DOF will get. This is speaking as someone who has played ball since he was five years old.
  5. Got it. Your sentencing was not quite clear because you made multiple determinations in one paragraph about being ok with certain stuff either way, but then when on to want certain things prohibited. Now that you cleared up that you're not in favor of banning caddies and pacing yardages off, contrary to what you previously wrote, I now see where you're coming from.
  6. As a one off, to curb constant inflammation, cortisone shots have their place, golfer's, and tennis elbow, for example. One bout of inflammation where rest, strengthening, and a flexibility/range of motion program have little effect, a cortisone shot can be very beneficial to get over the hump. Now, for people popping (injecting) them into the same area like they're Flintstone's vitamins, yeah, it will be an issue.
  7. I agree with you, for yourself. You have the option to choose for YOURSELF. You posted in a thread that was petitioning for removing the option to use those for everyone. When you posted, "Honestly, I wouldn't mind this at all," as your first sentence, it makes it seem you'd be OK with banning people from using any books and play blind. Now that you clarified that you were talking about you, yourself, with regards to yardages/books/markers, and you, yourself, not using books and yardage markers because you do that from time to time now. You're not for prohibiting anybody else from using them.
  8. I agree. There's already enough luck, chance, and guessing in the game of golf.
  9. I thought it was understood I was talking about removing the backboard. Flag is not the target for professional golfers. It never is. Parts of the green/fairway are the targets. No comment about how professionals have known exact yardages, and kept yardage books since the 50's? Knowing exact yardages to specific areas of the golf course is imperative to professional golfers and has been for over 70 years.
  10. And you have that option to do that at any time you wish. Forcing others to play that way goes against the way golf has been for over 70 years. This thread was started to take the option to use all of that away.
  11. And they had a 150yard reference they would pace off. They also had books with yardages in them. They also had local caddies. Here's a link to Arnold Palmer's yardage book from the 60's of Augusta. The notion that players of the past played blindly is a complete fallacy. https://www.masters.com/en_US/news/articles/2017-04-04/palmers_yardage_book_a_masters_trendsetter.html Here's a history of when yardage books really started... it was 1954. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/the-man-who-invented-the-yardage-book “Now, I will say this," Beman went on. "I w
  12. Basketball hoop has a backboard... that is a landmark. Playing catch... the other person is a landmark. And again... estimating distance of 10ft, 25ft, is FAR easier than estimating 200 yards with zero markings. I'd guarantee if anybody went to a course they're not familiar with, you set them out there at 175 yards, they would be off by 10-20 yards. That's 30-60ft.
  13. You said it correct, they do it based on visualization because of... landmarks. They take in the whole field/court. It's done in a split second, but it's done, and also... other players/opponents are landmarks as well. There is a constant influx of distance markers all over the place in all sports. Go to a basketball court where a hoop is in a wide open field with nothing behind it. See how well you shoot on it. There's also a WORLD of difference between estimating feet away your teammate is to throw him or her the ball than guessing how far away a flag is hundreds of yards away.
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