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  1. There's special projector paint. You can go that way with it, but once you put the net in front of it, you'll most likely want to switch to an impact screen. As far as projector goes, any Optoma or Epson around $1000. You need to have absolute control of the lighting in the garage also.
  2. I get what you're saying even though I don't agree, but it's not remotely close to what this thread is about. Everybody has access to all the same equipment. Fitzpatrick is whining because someone is working harder, working smarter, planning smarter, is bigger, and is obviously more talented, thus far.
  3. This is like complaining Shaq was too big, strong, and fast so he should lose weight, not workout at all, and shoot mid-range jumpers all the time. Fitzpatrick is just being a little bi***.
  4. Bryson is a different kind of long. He can take lines that maybe no other player can except for Rory, but Rory can't because he's not quite asa long. DJ is every bit as long as Bryson, but if memory serves, his ball flight isn't high enough to take the lines Bryson does.
  5. Other than Fitzpatrick making himself look like a small, jealous crybaby, the most laughable part of his comment is his thinking that adding two inches to his driver is all needs needs to do to catch up do Dechambeau. His words are laughably pathetic.
  6. Regarding Bryson and Champ's distance, Bryson can take lines Champ can't because of the trajectories they use to get their distance. Hitting it same distance isn't the full picture.
  7. Booth: Tirico, Faldo, Nance Course: Feherty, Nobilo, Rankin, Immelman (Either one) Studio: Duval, Nobilo, Montgomery
  8. The longevity of dominance will never happen again, period. We will get spurts of outright greatness, see Spieth when he had the third greatest year in majors history. Rory will be as close as we'll get for a long time and that's not even close. It's incredible to think, but the level of dominance Tiger had is understated and under appreciated by everyone. It was insane.
  9. I had a Mevo, but the numbers were erratic, to say the least, on everything but swing speed, and I returned it. I just want to shy away from spending $500 just to get something just for accurate swing speed and was wondering if something else was out there cheaper to accomplish that.
  10. Don't hit foam balls. It will suck when you go and try to hit real balls. It will be like hitting boulders. Just move the car out of the garage when you want to hit?
  11. Looking for a cheap swing speed device to measure the differences in speed as it relates to swing change. This will mostly be for the driver. Anybody use the "Swing Speed Radar Tempo Timer" I see on Amazon? Are the reliable?
  12. iPad does not accept video input and act as a monitor unless you're using software on a Mac/PC to allow it.
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